budget deficit

2015 general government deficit revised upward to 3.3% of GDP

Croatia's consolidated general government deficit in 2015 was HRK 11.03 billion, or 3.3% of GDP, the National Bureau of Statistics (DZS) said on Friday.

Croatia's budget deficit in January-November 2015 at HRK 5.7bn

In the first eleven months of 2015 Croatia's budget revenues reached HRK 98.5 billion and expenditures HRK 104.2 billion, the deficit amounting to HRK 5.7 billion, provisional data from the Ministry of Finance show.

FinMin says state purse in very good state

Lalovac said he hoped the new government would continue to reduce the income tax. This year the non-taxable part of income was increased, resulting in higher net salaries, consumption and GDP.

Croatia's budget gap in first ten months HRK 6.3 billion

In October alone, budgetary revenues totalled 9 billion kuna, down 7.7% from October 2014, while expenditures stood at 9.5 billion, or 7.1% less on the month.

Assistant minister: Deficit might be lower than projected

Assistant Finance Minister and Chief State Treasurer Miljenko Ficor said on Thursday that the budget deficit was as planned and that by the end of the year it could be lower than expected.

EC to publish autumn economic forecast Thursday

The European Commission will present its autumn economic forecast, including information on GDP, inflation, employment, budget deficit and public debt in the member states, ...

Croatia among 14 EU states with excessive budget deficit

Last year four EU member states recorded a surplus -- Denmark (+1.5%), Luxembourg (+1.4%), Estonia (+0.7%) and Germany (+0.3%).

DZS: Budget deficit in 2014 HRK 450 mln lower, gov't debt HRK 5 mln higher

The general government debt in 2014 amounted to HRK 279.57 billion or 85.1% of GDP, while initial estimates forecasted a debt of HRK 279.56 billion or 85% of GDP.