Soviet-era prison camp chief sentenced to 20 years in Romania

Former prison camp commander Ion Ficior was sentenced to 20 years in prison by Romania's highest court on Wednesday.

Thousands of Romanians march in latest anti-corruption protests

Thousands of people took part in the latest weekly anti-corruption demonstrations in Romania on Sunday.

Thousands of Romanians revive anti-government protests

Thousands of Romanians turned out on Sunday to renew their demands for the government to step down amid accusations it is trying to protect corrupt politicians.

New Romanian justice minister named after anti-corruption protests

Romanian Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has named a former judge to be the country's next justice minister, after the previous office holder resigned under pressure from mass anti-corruption protests.

Thousands form illuminated Romanian flag to protest government

Tens of thousands of Romanians lofted red, blue and yellow strips of paper in the capital Bucharest on Sunday to form a giant national flag, part of the 13th day of protests against a government which had tried to decriminalize some forms of corruption.

Thousands take part in Romania anti-government protests

More than 10,000 people were protesting in Romania late Friday, for the 11th straight day, demanding the resignation of the Social Democratic government for trying to curb the fight against corruption.

Romania's justice minister resigns over scrapped corruption decree

Romanian Justice Minister Florin Iordache stepped down Thursday over a decree on corruption which the government passed last week, but had to revoke after five days under pressure from massive protests.

Romanian cabinet survives no-confidence vote, set to weather crisis

Romania's Social Democratic government on Wednesday comfortably survived a no-confidence motion in parliament and appeared set to weather a massive crisis it triggered in its first month by attempting to relax rules against corruption.

Romanian president scolds government, but opposes snap polls

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis criticized the Social Democratic government over a controversial corruption law which triggered massive protests, but said that snap polls were not a good solution.

Dragnea still wants Romanian premiership despite criminal conviction

The controversial leader of Romania's ruling Social Democrats (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, confirmed on Monday that he still aspires to govern the country

Largest rallies since Ceausescu call on Romanian cabinet to resign

Romania's one-month-old government on Sunday scrapped a controversial decree on corruption, buckling under the pressure from demonstrations, only to find itself facing the largest protest so far, this time calling for resignations.

Romanian cabinet scraps controversial corruption decree

Romania's one-month-old government on Sunday scrapped a controversial decree on corruption, buckling under the pressure from massive demonstrations.

Romania's leader hints at U-turn on corruption law relaxation

The leader of Romania's ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, indicated Saturday that he may be willing to withdraw a controversial decree that gives more leeway to corrupt officials, as he bids to end massive protests.

Romanians rally for third day against weakened anti-corruption laws

Tens of thousands of Romanians took to the streets across the country for the third day on Thursday to protest a decree, passed by the new government, that weakens anti-corruption laws.

EU warns Romania not to backtrack on fighting corruption

Romania should not backtrack on its efforts to fight corruption, the European Commission said Wednesday, warning that the country's newly approved decree decriminalizing certain abuse of power offences was of "great concern."

Romanian president plans referendum to save anti-corruption law

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis wants to hold a referendum on the country's plans to ease corruption laws, he said in a speech on Monday.

Romanian president joins thousands in anti-government rally

Thousands of Romanians were joined by President Klaus Iohannis in a street protest in Bucharest on Sunday against plans by the government to relax anti-corruption laws.

Romania's law banning convicts from serving in government challenged

Romania's ombudsman Victor Ciorbea on Thursday challenged a law banning convicts from serving in top government posts, possibly paving the way for the leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, to become prime minister.

Social Democrat Grindeanu is Romania's new prime minister

Social Democrat Sorin Grindeanu is Romania's new prime minister, following a vote in parliament on Wednesday in which legislators backed his programme and 27-member government by 296 votes to 133.

Romanian socialists propose new premier after Muslim woman blocked

Romania's Social Democratic Party (PSD) proposed a new candidate for the position of prime minister on Wednesday, a day after the president rejected the party's first choice, a Muslim woman.

Romanian Social Democrats set to win election

The Social Democrats (PSD) were in the lead in exit polls Sunday after parliamentary elections in Romania, the electoral commission confirmed.

Social Democrats in the lead in Romanian exit polls

The Social Democrats (PSD) were in the lead in exit polls Sunday after parliamentary elections in Romania.

Social democrats favoured as Romanians head to the polls

Romanians are set to head to the polls Sunday, with the latest surveys favouring the Social Democrats (PSD) ahead of the centre-right National Liberals (PNL).

Romania election: more a plebiscite on corruption than a policy race

Romania has tried and convicted scores of politicians on corruption charges in recent months. In parliamentary elections on Sunday, voters are expected to send a signal to the government on whether the crackdown was hard enough.

Romanian election chief arrested ahead of parliamentary polls

The head of the Romanian election authority, Ana Maria Petru, was arrested just three weeks before parliamentary elections, under corruption suspicions, PRO TV and other media reported Wednesday.

Top Romanian secret service officials charged with corruption

Several top officials of Romania's secret service are to be prosecuted on corruption charges, the country's anti-corruption office (DNA) said Monday.

Romania increases controls at border with Serbia to block migrants

Romania is stepping up the monitoring of its border with Serbia in a bid to stem illegal crossings by migrants, the Interior Ministry in Bucharest said Friday.

Low turnout at Romanian local elections could help social democrats

Turnout was low across the board Sunday at local elections in Romania, where support for the national government was set to be tested.