Brodotrogir leases ship to Norwegian company

A US$ 43 million new ship, Songa Pride, built for the transport of chemical and oil products, was delivered to Norway's Blystad Group for a five-year lease in Trogir's Brodotrogir shipyard on Friday.

Brodotrogir signs US $30 million contract to finish tanker

The Brodotrogir shipyard has signed a US$ 30 million contract with Viterlef Management Ltd. for the completion of a tanker for the transport of chemicals and oil products, the shipyard said on Wednesday.

Caretaker gov't grants collateral to Brodotrogir shipyard

The caretaker government on Wednesday held a conference call at which it decided to grant collateral in the amount of EUR 22.9 million to the Hrvatska Brodogradnja Trogir shipbuilding company, owned by the Brodotrogir shipyard.

Brodotrogir launches US $45 million tanker

A US $45 million tanker for the transport of chemical and oil products, built by Brodotrogir for its shipping company Trogir Maritime, was launched at that shipyard in the coastal town of Trogir on Saturday.
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