Scotland to make formal request to hold second independence vote

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is expected to send a letter to British Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday to request permission for a second referendum for Scottish independence, local media reported.

Hollande: France, Germany must 'set a course' for post-Brexit Europe

French President Francois Hollande Thursday said that France and Germany needed to "set a course" for Europe in the aftermath of Britain's decision to leave the European Union.

British government sets out Brexit plan to 'end EU supremacy'

Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative government set out its plans on Thursday for a "Great Repeal Bill" to incorporate EU law into British law and "end the supremacy of EU lawmakers" after Britain leaves the European Union.

May's letter vows to keep "deep and special" EU ties after Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May promised Britain's cooperation in upholding Europe's post-Brexit prosperity in her letter to European Council President Donald Tusk on Wednesday.

Britain confident of deal as May set to trigger Brexit negotiations

Britain is confident of reaching a Brexit agreement, said the government Wednesday as Prime Minister Theresa May laid the final groundwork for launching the formal, two-year process of negotiations for Britain to leave the European Union.

PM says Croatia to be least affected by Brexit

Croatia will suffer the least consequences of Great Britain's exit from the EU, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Wednesday.

British PM May signs letter that will trigger Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May late Tuesday signed the letter which will trigger Britain's exit from the European Union, according to a photograph seen by dpa.

Scottish parliament back Sturgeon's plan for second independence vote

Scotland's devolved parliament voted in favour of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's plan to consult the British government on holding a second independence referendum on Tuesday.

Sturgeon frustrated by talks with May as Scotland eyes referendum

Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May were unable to find common ground during a meeting in Scotland on Monday, just a day before the Scottish parliament was set to sanction another independence referendum.

EU's Brexit negotiator: EU will be 'friendly' but 'never naive'

The European Union will aim for a successful agreement over the terms of Britain's exit from the bloc, EU chief negotiator for Brexit Michel Barnier said Wednesday.

Scottish lawmakers delay referendum debate due to London attack

The Scottish parliament suspended its sessions on Wednesday following an apparent terrorist attack near the British parliament at Westminster.

Scotland's Sturgeon seeks approval for second independence referendum

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Tuesday asked the devolved parliament to approve her plans to hold a second referendum on Scotland's independence from Britain.

Britain to trigger Brexit negotiations on March 29

Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger formal negotiations on Britain leaving the European Union on March 29, the British government said on Monday.

Scotland's Sturgeon invites Brexit opponents to move north

Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon on Saturday invited people unhappy with Britain's plan to leave the EU to move north of the border.

Nicola Sturgeon refuses to back down over Scottish independence

Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon said Friday she would not give up on seeking an independence referendum after Prime Minister Theresa May said now was "not the time" to discuss a vote.

May: 'Now is not the time' for Scottish independence vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May said Thursday that now is "not the time" to discuss a referendum on Scottish independence because it could jeopardise Britain's negotiations with the European Union.

PM May says Britain on track for 'defining moment' of starting Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May welcomed parliament's backing for her bill on starting Brexit negotiations and said this month's planned start of the formal process of leaving the European Union would be a "defining moment" for Britain.

Sinn Fein calls for all-Ireland unification referendum over Brexit

Irish republican party Sinn Fein on Monday called for an all-Ireland referendum on unifying the north and south, following Scotland's call for an independence referendum earlier in the day.

Lawmakers reject Brexit bill amendment to give parliament vote

Britain's House of Commons on Monday rejected an amendment to key Brexit legislation, opposing a requirement that parliament should vote before an exit agreement is finalized with the European Union.

Sturgeon to seek approval for second Scottish independence referendum

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Monday said she plans to seek the devolved parliament's approval next week to hold a second referendum on Scotland's independence from Britain.

Sturgeon accuses May of ignoring Scotland on Brexit

Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon on Monday accused British Prime Minister Theresa May of ignoring Scotland on Brexit, ahead of a crucial vote in parliament that could allow May to trigger formal Brexit talks as early as Tuesday.

Report: Britain must prepare for possibility of no deal on Brexit

The British government must prepare for the possibility that it could fail to negotiate a Brexit agreement, or face the risk of "mutually assured damage" from leaving the European Union without an exit deal, a parliamentary report said on Sunday.

Brexit minister urges lawmakers not to 'tie May's hands' in key vote

Britain's Conservative government appealed to lawmakers on Sunday not to "tie the prime minister's hands" by amending a bill that would trigger two years of formal negotiations on Britain leaving the European Union.

Leaders of 27 EU member states stress unity as they brace for Brexit

Leaders of the 27 member states remaining in the European Union after Britain's planned exit discussed the bloc's future at an informal summit in Brussels Friday, calling for unity in face of growing external and internal pressures.

Police charge man with racism, threats against Brexit campaigner

Police have charged a 50-year-old man over online racism and threats against Gina Miller, who led a successful legal fight to force the Conservative government to consult parliament before triggering Brexit negotiations.

May suffers second blow to passage of bill on triggering Brexit

The British parliament's upper house backed an amendment to Prime Minister Theresa May's bill to trigger formal Brexit talks, insisting on votes in both houses of parliament before an agreement is finalized with the European Union.

May braced for Lords to demand parliamentary veto on EU Brexit deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May is braced for another blow to her Brexit timetable Tuesday, as parliament’s upper house may make further changes to the legislation required to launch EU departure negotiations.

Lords say Britain can leave EU without paying 'divorce bill'

Britain can walk away from the European Union without paying a 60-billion-euro (64-billion-dollar) "divorce bill" that is reportedly being demanded by Brussels, a House of Lords committee advised.

Unionists take slim lead in Northern Ireland elections, lose majority

The pro-British Democratic Unionist's Party (DUP) has narrowly won the most seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly, edging ahead of Republican Party Sinn Fein by just one seat.

PM May, Scottish nationalists trade blows over Brexit, independence

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday accused the Scottish National Party of having an "obsession with independence" that had diverted its attention from its responsibilities in governing Scotland.

EC President talks Brexit, Slovenia-Croatia outstanding issues

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who will will start a two-day visit to Slovenia on Thursday, has said in his written statement for Slovenia's STA news agency that Brexit has been a tragic decision and that it is also an opportunity for the remaining 27 European Union member-states to show their unity.

Northern Ireland votes, but power-sharing crisis expected to continue

Northern Ireland voted in elections to its devolved assembly on Thursday, but the result was not expected to change the political balance significantly or help resolve a power-sharing impasse.

Britain's upper house amends May's Brexit bill to protect EU citizens

The British parliament's upper house backed an amendment to Prime Minister Theresa May's bill to trigger formal Brexit talks late Wednesday, insisting that the government must protect the rights of 3 million EU citizens residing in Britain.

Northern Ireland heads to polls amid Brexit uncertainty

Many Northern Irish voters are plagued by uncertainties about security and the repercussions of Brexit as they head to the polls in new elections. They still are haunted by the Troubles - the decades of internal strife between Catholics and Protestants.

Business group urges Britain to delay Brexit if negotiations stall

The British government should push to extend Brexit negotiations if it is unable to agree a deal on leaving the European Union within two years, a business group said on Tuesday.

Brexit fears plague locals and expats alike in southern Spain

As Britain's departure from the EU approaches, the anxiety is most palpable on Spain's Costa del Sol, where so many Britons live. What will happen to the economy if the expats one day have to leave?

SDP leader: Brexit, Europe's cross road

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Davor Bernadic on Friday said at a conference of the Party of European Socialists (PES) that Great Britain's exit is a cross-road for the European Union (EU).

Brexit bill: House of Lords says public can change mind on leaving EU

The British public should be able to change their minds on Brexit - just as Prime Minister Theresa May did, the upper chamber of parliament heard Tuesday during a marathon debate on legislation to kick off EU negotiations.

Blair urges Britons to rise up and reverse Brexit

Britain's departure from the European Union is not inevitable, former prime minister Tony Blair said Friday, calling for the creation of a cross-party movement to persuade the public they can change their minds on Brexit.

Blair to call on Britons to rethink Brexit

Former British prime minister Tony Blair is set to challenge the government on Friday on its commitment to leave the European Union.

British director Danny Boyle: Brexit will result in end of UK

Oscar-winning British director Danny Boyle believes that Britain's exit from the European Union will lead to the breakup of the United Kingdom and that if they could vote again his compatriots would reject Brexit.

British parliament's upper house urged not to block Brexit bill

The British government has urged parliament's upper house not to block its bill on starting Brexit negotiations, amid warnings that trying to delay the bill could cause a "constitutional crisis."

May gets lawmakers' backing to start Brexit negotiations

British lawmakers approved Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to trigger formal talks on Britain leaving the European Union by a large majority on Wednesday.

Are we there yet? The next steps on the road to Brexit

In June last year, Britain voted in a referendum to leave the European Union.

Scottish Parliament stages protest vote against Brexit launch bill

Scotland's parliament voted by 90 to 34 against the Brexit trigger bill on Tuesday afternoon in reaction to their exclusion from the debate taking place in British parliament.

May anxious to avoid Brexit bill delay as Commons debates amendments

British lawmakers kicked off another three days of wrangling over Prime Minister Theresa May’s bill to launch Brexit negotiations, amid government concerns that amendments to the bill could slow it down or even scupper it completely.

Court blocks new Brexit legal challenge on European Economic Area

A British court blocked a new legal challenge to Brexit on Friday, ruling out a review of Prime Minister Theresa May's right to remove Britain from the European Economic Area (EEA).

May publishes plan to leave EU single market, customs union

The British government on Thursday published Prime Minister Theresa May's strategy for withdrawing from the European Union, committing her to leaving the EU single market and customs union.

British lawmakers give May green light for Brexit talks

Lawmakers backed Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to trigger formal talks on Britain leaving the European Union on Wednesday, voting for her Brexit bill by a large majority. 

British parliament to debate petition opposing Trump state visit

Britain's parliament will hold a debate in three weeks' time on a public petition signed by more than 1.7 million people opposing a planned state visit by US President Donald Trump.

Germany's Merkel in Sweden for talks on EU, migration and Brexit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived Tuesday in Sweden for talks with Prime Minister Stefan Lofven that were expected to centre on migration, job creation and Britain's exit from the EU.

May, Kenny vow to protect Northern Ireland's open border after Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May and Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny on Monday vowed to protect economic links and avoid the return of a "hard" border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit.

British lawmakers launch "fake news" probe after US election, Brexit

British lawmakers launched an inquiry into "fake news" on Monday after suggestions that it played a role in the US presidential election and campaigning before Britain's Brexit referendum last year.

Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish leaders to demand greater Brexit role

Leaders of devolved governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are expected to demand a greater role in Brexit negotiations during a joint meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday.

Inquiry asks how Brexit will work in Scotland, N.Ireland and Wales

An inquiry into how Britain’s European Union departure will affect Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland was launched on Friday.

Britain, US could 'lead together' again, May says

The United States and Britain have the responsibility to renew their "special relationship" for a new era and could "lead together" again, British Prime Minister Theresa May said Thursday.

German consumers shrug off Trump, Brexit worries

German consumers have shrugged off worries about the new US President Donald Trump and the likely fraught Brexit negotiations, with a key survey of households in Europe's biggest economy posting its third monthly gain.

British government to table Brexit bill after losing court appeal

The British government said it will table a "straightforward bill" allowing parliament to vote on triggering formal Brexit negotiations, after the country's top court ruled on Tuesday that the government must consult lawmakers on the issue.

May must consult Parliament before Brexit talks, top court rules

Prime Minister Theresa May must consult Parliament before triggering formal negotiations on Britain leaving the European Union, the nation's top court said in a landmark ruling on Tuesday.

Brexit is "hostile action" for Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein says

Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union is a "hostile action" for the people of Northern Ireland, Irish republican party Sinn Fein said on Saturday.

Britain's May woos investors, soothes voters in Davos

Britain will emerge as the global champion of free trade after leaving the European Union, British Premier Theresa May said in a speech to global leaders and investors.

Boris Johnson compares French president to WWII prison guard

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Wednesday compared Francois Hollande to a World War II prison guard after warnings by the French president that Britain could be punished in Brexit negotiations.

Merkel pledges to hold Europe together after Brexit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged on Wednesday to hold the European Union together after Britain's planned exit from the European Union.

Could May's Brexit vision make Britain the Singapore of Europe?

The British prime minister's vision of creating a low-tax bastion of the free market, which the Financial Times said could transform the island nation into the "Singapore of Europe," has left many opposition politicians and pro-EU centrists in her own Conservative Party angry and worried.

May vows to leave EU single market, remodel a "global Britain"

Britain's agreement to leave the European Union "cannot mean membership of the single market," Prime Minister Theresa May said Tuesday in a much-anticipated speech on her Brexit plans.

Finally 'a bit more clarity' - German minister welcomes Brexit speech

Britain has "finally" laid out in more detail its EU exit plan, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier says, cautiously welcoming a speech by Prime Minister Theresa May.

Theresa May to set course for "clean break" from EU

British Prime Minister Theresa May will set a course for Britain to make a "clean break" with the European Union as she outlines plans for a "hard" Brexit outside the EU single market in a major speech on Tuesday.

Merkel warns against speedy Brexit talks ahead of May's speech

German Chancellor Angela Merkel played down expectations on Monday of a rapid round of negotiations aimed at ending Britain's membership in the European Union.

British media: May prepared to accept 'hard' Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to indicate her willingness to accept a "hard" Brexit outside the EU single market when she makes a key speech on her negotiating plans on Tuesday, according to British media.

Parliament committee puts pressure on May for Brexit details

The parliamentary committee overseeing Britain's exit from the European Union increased the pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May in a report published Saturday, demanding she make known details of her plans for Brexit by mid-February.

US ambassador to EU warns against being "cheerleaders" for Brexit

The incoming United States administration should continue its 50-year policy of supporting European integration and should not become "cheerleaders" for Brexit and the fragmentation of the European Union, the US ambassador to the EU said Friday.

Pound falls after Theresa May hints at "hard" Brexit

The pound fell to its lowest level since October on Monday amid renewed fears that Britain could leave the EU single market in a "hard" Brexit.

British premier rejects criticism of "muddled thinking" about Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May on Sunday rejected criticism that her government's approach to Britain's exit from the European Union is "muddled."

Brexit vote prompts surge in Irish passport applications from Britain

The number of applications for Irish passports from Britain rose by 41 per cent last year, prompted mainly by the country's vote to leave the European Union, Irish Foreign Minister Charlie Flanagan said on Thursday.

British ambassador to EU resigns before start of Brexit talks

Britain's ambassador to the European Union has resigned three months before the expected start of Brexit talks, the government said on Tuesday, drawing a mixed reaction from pro-EU and eurosceptic politicians.

May calls on Brits to "unite" in Christmas address after Brexit vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May has used her inaugural Christmas message to call on the people of her country to "come together" after a year of divisions over the Brexitreferendum, the Press Association new agency reported on Saturday.

Scotland issues plan to stay in EU single market after Brexit

Scotland's devolved government on Tuesday published a plan to remain in the EU single market, even if the British government decides to leave it during negotiations on the country's exit from the European Union.

EU leaders to discuss Syria, Ukraine, Brexit at last summit of 2016

EU heads of state and government gathered in Brussels on Thursday for a one-day summit to discuss some of the major crises faced by the European Union this year.

Parliament backs Brexit timetable after May's concession on plan

British lawmakers backed Prime Minister Theresa May's timetable for Brexit negotiations by a large majority late Wednesday after her government accepted an opposition motion calling for it to publish details of its plan for leaving the European Union.

Parliament to debate Brexit strategy after government "climbdown"

British lawmakers will debate the government's Brexit strategy on Wednesday after Prime Minister Theresa May agreed to publish her plan, prompting opposition leaders to accuse her of a "climbdown" to avoid a potential defeat in a vote.

EU official: Brexit negotiations must be completed by October 2018

Negotiations on Britain's exit from the European Union must be completed by October 2018, the EU's top Brexit negotiator said on Tuesday, adding to the pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May to trigger formal talks soon.

Brexit campaign congratulates Italy on referendum rejection

A campaign that backed Britain's referendum to leave the European Union congratulates Italians on voting against a constitutional reform referendum on Sunday, which ultimately led to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi seeking resignation.

Britain's top court hears government appeal against Brexit ruling

Britain's Supreme Court opened a four-day hearing on Monday of the government's appeal against a ruling that parliamentary approval is needed before Prime Minister Theresa May can begin negotiations with the European Union on Brexit.

Britain reports record EU migration in year leading up to Brexit

Britain on Thursday reported record annual immigration of 284,000 EU citizens in the year to June, the month that a majority of British voters opted for their country to leave the European Union.

Teen charged for Polish man's death amid rise in post-Brexit attacks

A 15-year-old boy was charged with manslaughter on Thursday after the death of a Polish man during an alleged hate crime in August.

Is Austria next in line after Brexit and Trump?

Voters in Austria have a choice between a far-right and a Green president. No matter who wins, populism is gaining ground in the country.

Rights of 1 million Poles will be respected post-Brexit, May says

The rights of nearly 1 million Poles living in Britain will not be curtailed after the country leaves the European Union, British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday.

Think tank: British workers face "dreadful" decade of stagnant wages

British workers could be facing the longest period of wage stagnation since World War II as they are served up "an additional dollop of austerity," an economic think tank said Thursday.

Britain confirms economic slowdown amid Brexit limbo

The British government has abandoned its plans to reach a budget surplus by 2019-20, as official forecasts show a weakened gross domestic product and rising debt in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union.

Foreign banks based in Germany foresee “hard” Brexit

Foreign banks based in Germany are gearing up for Britain’s departure from the 28-member European Union to be a “hard Brexit” that will take effect over the next two or three years.

May urges Britain to use Brexit to build "stronger, fairer" economy

Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday urged business leaders to help her use the "historic opportunity" of Britain's exit from the European Union to revitalize the economy and spread wealth to poorer families.

Irish, Northern Irish leaders hold talks on Brexit impact

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny and senior ministers met their Northern Irish counterparts to discuss the potential impact of Britain leaving the European Union on Friday, as both sides stressed the need to preserve an open border.

Devolved governments, migrants' union to address Brexit legal appeal

The devolved governments of Scotland and Wales and a trade union representing migrant workers will be allowed to address a crucial legal appeal on how Prime Minister Theresa May can trigger Brexit negotiations, Britain's highest court said on Friday.

EasyJet could operate EU flights from Ireland after Brexit - report

British budget airline easyJet is considering applying for a licence to operate from Ireland to ensure it retains access to routes between European Union nations after Brexit, the Irish Times said on Wednesday.

Suspect in pro-EU MP's murder shouted "Britain first" during attack

The man accused of murdering British lawmaker Jo Cox shouted "Britain first" repeatedly as he shot and stabbed her a week before the country's referendum on whether to leave the European Union, a jury heard on Monday.

Brexit, Trump and "Renxit": Is Italy's referendum the next big upset?

Matteo Renzi, a formerly fresh-faced reformer worn out by the strains of office, risks being the next victim of the anti-establishment sentiment sweeping across Western electorates, as Italians have an opportunity to unseat him via a constitutional referendum next month.

EU ups 2016 growth prospect but sees Brexit, Trump uncertainty ahead

The eurozone economy is expected to grow by 1.7 per cent this year, the European Commission predicted Wednesday, raising its earlier forecast by 0.1 per cent, while lowering estimates for the coming year, largely due to "political uncertainty."

Supreme Court to hear government's Brexit appeal on December 5

The Supreme Court says it will hear the government's appeal on December 5 against a ruling that parliament must vote before formal negotiations begin on Britain leaving the European Union.

Report: Britain's debt could rise by 25 billion pounds after Brexit

The British government is likely to borrow 25 billion pounds (31 billion dollars) more than forecast in last year's budget by 2019-20 in the wake of the Brexit vote in June, an economic think-tank reported on Tuesday.

Court ruling will not delay Brexit, Britain's Johnson assures Germany

Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson assured his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Friday that a High Court decision that the British parliament has to vote on Brexit would not hold up the process of exiting the European Union.