Bostjan Sefic

Slovenia applying tighter migrant regime, says official

"These migrants were returned to Croatia. We are trying to consistently determine from which countries migrants are arriving and the purpose of their journey and only after detailed checks, we are allowing them to continue on," Sefic said.

Slovenia won't extend capacities for refugees, says official

Slovenia does not intend to expand existing capacities to accommodate refugees and will not accept refugees for extended periods of times, state secretary for migration in the interior ministry, Bostjan Sefic said on Wednesday.

Hundreds protest plan for refugee camp in Slovenian town

The rally was held during a meeting between the local authorities and the state secretary for migrant issues, Bostjan Sefic, who said later that nothing had been decided yet and that talks would resume.

Slovenia will ask Croatia to provide list of migrants arriving in Dobova

Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec also confirmed on Tuesday that Slovenia had introduced additional measures, but denied media claims that Slovenia had discovered terrorism suspects among the migrants.

Slovenia to ask Croatia to tighten up screening of migrants

"We have proposed a meeting at the border police level to discuss tighter controls and more precise identification of migrants," Sefic was quoted by Slovenian Television as saying.

Slovenia won't be putting up wire fence along border with Croatia

However, Slovenia "is not naive" and there are various scenarios and plans to protect vulnerable sections of the border with Croatia. 

New refugee transit system in Slovenia functioning well, says minister

"The new system if functioning well, the procedure to receive refugees has been reduced and we are satisfied with the current cooperation with Croatia ...

Slovenia commends Croatia for cooperation in handling migrants

Another 350 migrants are expected to arrive near the Bregana border crossings and trains are expected to continue to arrive at Dobova. 

Sefic: Croatia letting refugees into Slovenia without control

A senior Slovenian government official on Thursday accused Croatia of continuing to send refugees to Slovenia without control.