Slovenians favour stronger border controls

Eighty-six percent of Slovenian citizens justify the government's decision to upgrade border controls due to a possible new wave of migration, while only 22% oppose the bill intended to reduce the number of approvals of asylum applications, Monday's issue of the Ljubljana Delo daily said reporting on the results of a survey.

Orepic: Unity solution for migrants; Sobotka: Army to defend borders if necessary

Speaking to the press after a two-day conference of the Salzburg Forum, which took place in Dubrovnik, Orepic said the main topics were migrations, border control and combating terrorism.

Salzburg Forum coordinators meet in Zagreb

The meeting in Zagreb is held as part of Croatia's six-months presidency of the Salzbug Forum. It is attended by representatives of Poland, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

EU floats plans for fairer refugee allocation, stronger borders

The European Union's executive put forward options Wednesday to spread refugees more evenly across member states, after the bloc's asylum system broke down under the strain of last year's migration surge into Europe.

Central European countries seek military reinforcement for Frontex

The EU border agency Frontex is not yet strong enough and should therefore be backed up with a new civilian-military mission to protect borders and extradite migrants, defence ministers of several Central European countries propose.

Macedonia returns breakaway migrants to Greece

Macedonian authorities returned hundreds of migrants to Greece on Tuesday, one day after they set out from the Idomeni refugee camp and walked around a fence that Macedonia had erected to keep them out.

Three Afghan migrants drown trying to cross Greek-Macedonian border

Three Afghan migrants drowned Monday while trying to cross a river on the Greek border with Macedonia, Macedonian state TV MRT reported, quoting police.

Serbia will apply reciprocal measures on Balkan route

After Slovenia's decision to close the Balkan migrant route, Serbia will agree on measures regarding migrants with the European Union, reciprocally applying them on its southern and eastern borders towards Macedonia and Bulgaria, the Interior Ministry said.

Hungary, Croatia to reopen railway border crossings

Hungary and Croatia will reopen three railway border crossings that were closed in the mid-October last year because of the refugee crisis, the Hungarian news agency MTI reported on Monday citing the Croatian and Hungarian interior ministers as saying.

Albania, Montenegro brace for refugee spillover

Albanian media outlets have reported that over 450 special police officers have been sent at the border crossing Qafe Thane (Pogradec) – Struga with Macedonia and at four border crossings with Greece.

Macedonia reopens border

Macedonia intermittently opened its border with Greece to approximately 300 Syrian and Iraqi refugees Wednesday, leaving about 10,000 more people camped on the Greek side, with more arriving daily, Greek police reported.

EU President Tusk appeals for open borders as he starts Balkan tour

EU President Donald Tusk says Europe must return to its open-border policy, as he starts his tour of the Balkan migration route in Vienna.

Countries on refugee route agree joint refugee profiling at Macedonia-Greek border

Police chiefs from Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia and Macedonia agreed at their meeting in Zagreb on Thursday to start jointly profiling and registering refugees at the Macedonian-Greece border, as of today.

Border controls "not against Europe, but for Europe," says Austria

Austria has no time to wait for a common EU policy on migration, Interior Minister Mikl-Leitner says. Under pressure from growing support for anti-foreigner groups, she says her government needed to move to get the situation under control.

Croatia notifies Serbia, Macedonia of stricter migrant reception criteria

The number of 2,500 migrants per day does not represent a problem when it comes to migrant reception in Croatia and their further transfer to Slovenia, given that this is how many migrants on average have entered Croatia per day over the past several weeks. 

Austria plans controls at 12 additional border crossings

Austria is making plans for the introduction of border controls at a dozen additional crossings in order to manage the inflow of migrants, Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner says.

Central European nations plan to defy EU and seal Greek border

Leaders of four Central European states met in Prague on Monday with controversial plans to assist Macedonia in sealing its border with Greece, as some EU members look outside the bloc for ways to clamp down on migration flows.

Austria to have new rules for migrant entry as of Thursday

The Austrian government plans to inform countries along the Balkan migrant route of this measure by the middle of next week, Slovenian Television said.

Montenegro preparing plans in case of refugee spillover

"Agreement has been made that all relevant agencies should make plans and proposals, so that we can reach concrete conclusions at the next government meeting," said Finance Minister Radivoje Zugic in Podgorica today.

Croatian border police sent to Macedonia to help with migrants

Orepic told reporters that together with their colleagues from Austria, Slovenia, Serbia and Macedonia, Croatian police officers would work on profiling migrants "to remove the many problems that have cropped up in that process."

Austria set to take in migrants only at Sentilj/Spielfeld crossing

Austria will start applying a new regime for the acceptance of migrants coming from Slovenia, and they will be allowed to cross into Austria only via the Sentilj-Spielfeld border crossing, Slovenian media outlets reported on Monday.  

Vucic: We'll protect Serbia's interests if Austria and Slovenia suspend Schengen

Vucic said said Austria would suspend the agreement in the near future and that Slovenia would do the same immediately after that.

Slovenia denies joint border checks with Austria-Germany

"We are not conducting talks on joint control with Austria and Germany of our southern border and we exclude that possibility," 

HDZ: Croatia will close its borders to refugees if necessary

Asked about the possible deployment of the military along the borders, Kovac said that that would require legislative amendments. He ruled out a possibility of Croatia becoming a waiting area or hotspot for refugees.

Austria confirms in talks with Germany, Slovenia on stricter control of migrant tide

The Austrian police expect that the new measures to reduce the influx of migrants could be introduced by the end of this month, but they denied reports that they would step up security measures on the border with Slovenia ...

Pahor fears closure of borders within Schengen Area

"These procedures are not directed against those people who meet all the requirements and are seeking international protection. Instead, people suspected of having participated in the conflicts in Syria are being checked," 

Izetbegovic: I expect Croatia's new PM to help solve outstanding issues

Izetbegovic noted that outstanding issues between the two countries remained such as border demarcation and the exploitation of natural resources, adding that these could be resolved if there was good will to do so.

Ostojic: Croatia on highest level of alert

"We must always be on alert. I've never said that a risk of terrorism does not exist. We are on the highest level of alert," Ostojic said

Over 250,000 migrants recorded entering Croatia since mid-Sep

From Saturday midnight until Sunday afternoon, 6,166 migrants and refugees crossed into Croatia from Serbia, which has increased the overall statistics to over 250,000 ...

More than 234,000 migrants enter Croatia since mid Sept

Between midnight and 0900 hrs Saturday, a total of 3,351 migrants entered Croatia and since 16 September, when migrants began arriving in Croatia, a total of 234,708 

Orban urges EU migration debate, sees threat to democracy

"The right thing to do is not to ensure their passage into Europe but to take them back to the refugee camps they started out from," he said.