Migrants try to break through police barricade and cross into Croatia

Around 130 migrants, who spent the night between Sunday and Monday in the open, around 2 pm on Monday attempted unsuccessfully to break through a barricade put up by the Serbian police at the Sid-Tovarnik border crossing, Radio Television Vojvodina (RTV) and the Tanjug news agency have reported.

Croatian PM: There's no reason to put up border fences for now

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Saturday that at the moment he did not see any need to put up physical barriers on the border, which is what neighbouring Slovenia has started doing in anticipation of a possible new migrant wave.

Pressure of illegal migrants on Serbian-Bulgarian border growing, says official

The pressure of illegal migrants trying to enter Serbia across its eastern border from Bulgaria, in the areas of Negotin and Dimitrovgrad, has increased in the last two weeks, a spokesman for joint Serbian army and police forces patrolling the border with Macedonia and Bulgaria said on Thursday.

Hungary to increase police presence along its southern border

The Hungarian government plans to increase police staff numbers by 3,000 to respond to pressures of illegal migration on the country's southern borders, which is expected to become permanent, the MTI news agency quoted state secretary Bence Tuzson as saying on Wednesday.

Protests in Kosovo ahead of vote on border with Montenegro

An opposition member of the Kosovo parliament on Tuesday threw tear gas in the parliament and an unidentified person threw a hand grenade at the home of a government official ahead of a vote on an agreement between Kosovo and Montenegro on border demarcation, which the Opposition is against.

Bulgaria sends 230 troops to strengthen border with Turkey

Bulgaria is sending 230 troops to strengthen its border crossings with Turkey, despite there being so sign of any refugees fleeing a failed coup attempt there.

Serbia to set up joint military-police teams to guard border

Serbia will set up joint teams consisting of police and army troops to protect its border as it "does not want to be a parking lot for Pakistanis and the Afghans unwanted in Europe", Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said on Saturday after the office for coordinating the security services held an urgent meeting in the wake of the failed coup attempt in Turkey.

Serbia's PM refers to border shutdown as games

Serbia's Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic on Friday commented on the border shutdown between Croatia and Serbia at Batina as "games being played in the neighbourhood," which he "doesn't understand" and does not wish to participate in.

EC expects Croatia and Slovenia to respect arbitration court's decision

The European Commission on Friday called on Croatia and Slovenia to respect a decision by an international arbitration court that it will continue arbitration proceedings in a border dispute between the two countries even though Slovenia has violated provisions of an arbitration agreement Slovenia and Croatia signed in 2009.

Croatia says arbitration tribunal's decision not binding

"The arbitration tribunal has failed to restore confidence in its independence and impartiality and in arbitration courts in general," the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MVEP) has said

Barrier placed at Batina border crossing, Interior Ministry says

The Interior Ministry officially confirmed on Thursday that "technical obstacles" were set up at the Batina border crossing with Serbia.

Croatia builds fence at Serbian border as migrants return

Croatia is building a fence along a part of its border with Serbia to stop migrants still trying to reach wealthy European countries, daily Vecernji List reported Thursday online.

Interior Ministry gets another border surveillance helicopter

Croatia received at Zagreb airport on Tuesday an AW 139 helicopter for border surveillance that was procured with funds from the Schengen Instrument for EUR 15.7 million.

Jordan declares northern, north-eastern borders closed military zones

Jordan declared the north-eastern and northern borders closed military zones on Tuesday, hours after a suicide attack claimed the lives of six people, local al-Rai newspaper reported on its website, citing an official army source.

Czech Republic deploys more police to Macedonia-Greece border

Czech authorities on Monday dispatched a contingent of 40 police officers to help Macedonia patrol its border with Greece and keep migrants from making way further progress toward Western Europe.

Turkey denies its guards killed eight Syrians trying to cross border

Turkey on Sunday denied reports from a monitoring group that its guards had killed eight Syrian civilians, including two women and four children, while they were trying to cross the Turkish border from their war-torn country.

Austria prepares controls at further border crossings

Austria has started preparing strict control measures at additional border crossings to Italy and Slovenia that could be implemented in case of increasing migrant arrivals, police announced Monday.

Denmark, Sweden extend border controls until November

Nordic neighbours Denmark and Sweden said on Wednesday they will extend temporary checks until November in order to continue controlling the flow of migrants.

Jahorina declaration focuses on terror threat, better border protection

Alongside regulations, it is necessary to create technical prerequisites such as a data exchange mechanism for persons crossing the borders in the region to more effectively deal with cross-border and organised crime in Southeast Europe, it was said.

Italy pledges to stop illegal migrant crossings to Austria

Italy will work to stop illegal migrant crossings to Austria at the Brenner Pass frontier, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Friday, amid fears that Vienna may reintroduce border checks there.

Italian, Austrian ministers meet at border as refugee tensions flare

The interior ministers of Italy and Austria were due to meet at the Brenner pass on Friday amid rising tensions over Vienna's plans to tighten controls at the border point and a fresh influx of African refugees on Italian shores.

Bosnian farmers block southern border crossing with Croatia

Bosnian agricultural producers blocked the Bijaca-Metkovic border crossing with Croatia on Tuesday in protest at a delay in the payment of incentives and poor protection of domestic production.

Macedonian police fire tear gas at migrants on Greek border

Macedonian police used tear gas Sunday to prevent hundreds of migrants from breaking across the border from Greece, the Macedonian interior ministry said.

Report: Macedonian police fire tear gas at migrants on Greek border

Macedonian police used tear gas and stun grenades against hundreds of refugees and migrants who attempted to cross into the country from the Idomeni camp on the other side of the border in Greece, the Athens daily Kathimerini reported.

Austria warns Italy to prepare for migration surge

Austria wants its southern neighbour Italy to prepare for a surge in migrants, Vienna's interior minister said Thursday, reiterating that she would close a key crossing between the two countries if numbers rise.

Interior ministry says Seselj will be denied entry into Croatia

Should Serb Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj arrive at the Croatian border, he will be banned from entering Croatia pursuant to the Law on Foreigners, the Croatian Interior Ministry reported on Thursday.

No progress in resolving Croatia-Slovenia border dispute

He added that in the meantime Zagreb and Ljubljana should not put that issue in the focus and thus burden their good bilateral relations.

Law enabling gov't to send troops to border passed

The Opposition criticised the adoption of the amended legislation without conducting a public debate on the matter.

Slovenia denies removal of wire fence soon

Upon the spillover of the migrant crisis to Slovenia a few months ago, Ljubljana erected the razor wire fence along 156 kilometres of its 671-kilometre-long land frontier with Croatia.

Croatian ministry says arbitral tribunal must end its work without delay

Since Slovenia's actions have caused irreparable damage to the border arbitration process and the credibility and autonomy of the Arbitral Tribunal, its subject and purpose can no longer be fulfilled, ...

Erjavec satisfied with Slovenian case before arbiters in The Hague

"I am pleased that this hearing was held," Erjavec told the press after addressing the Arbitral Tribunal on how Slovenia viewed the arbitration on the border dispute with Croatia and Croatia's decision to withdraw from that process.

Croatia tells UN members it is ready to resolve border dispute with Slovenia bilaterally

Croatia has circulated among UN member states its position on the irreversibly compromised arbitration with Slovenia, expressing its readiness to resolve the border dispute bilaterally, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs said on Thursday.

Slovenian media doubt Slovenia will give up border arbitration with Croatia

"The new Croatian government is offering a new round of negotiations on the border, but it's unclear how it imagines this, so this improper offer can also be seen as a trap.

Opposition: Changes to border control, defence laws to result in militarisation of society

The head of the Croatian People's Party (HNS), Vesna Pusic, is confident that "the only result of transferring decisions on sending the army to the border from the parliament to the government will be the militarisation of society."

Croatian president hopes Slovenia will soon remove fence on border with Croatia

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic told Slovenian Parliament Speaker Milan Brglez in Zagreb on Wednesday she hoped that the wire fence on the Croatian-Slovenian border would soon be removed, her office said in a press release.

IPA Croatia-Serbia cross-border cooperation programme launched

The implementation of a EUR 40 million Interreg IPA cross-border cooperation programme between Croatia and Serbia for the 2014-20 period was launched in the eastern Croatian town of Vukovar on Wednesday.

Norway extends tighter border checks

Norway on Tuesday announced a month-long extension to its tighter border checks for arrivals from Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

Macedonia returns migrants to Greece after "illegal" border crossing

Hundreds of migrants were back in Greece Tuesday, returned by Macedonian authorities a day after they left a refugee camp in Greece and crossed the sealed border.

Macedonian police to return migrants after hundreds breach border

Macedonia's police and army were "taking steps" to return a crowd of migrants from the Greek refugee camp Idomeni and enhance security after they "illegally" crossed the sealed border on Monday, the Interior Ministry said.

2,000 migrants wade through river at sealed Greece-Macedonia border

Around 2,000 people from the Greek refugee camp in Idomeni on Monday waded through the river where three migrants had drowned earlier that day, in a bid to reach the sealed Macedonian border.

Austrian security forces stage exercise to stop border crossings

Two hundred Austrian soldiers and police staged a border control exercise on Thursday to practise methods for warding off large numbers of migrants, even though not a single person has arrived in the past four days.

Minister says army to act exclusively in line with police instructions

The proposed amendments to the State Border Control Act and the Defence Act, adopted by the government on Friday, will enable the army to assist the police in controlling the state border when necessary, and in case of such a scenario the army will act exclusively in line with police instructions, Defence Minister Josip Buljevic said.

Gov't amends laws to enable army deployment for border protection

The Croatian government on Friday adopted draft amendments to the laws on border control and defence to allow the armed forces to help the police in guarding the frontier when that is necessary for security or humanitarian reasons.

SDP against sending troops to border

 "Thereby, they are showing that they are an accidental government and that we have no government, yet we should have it."

Interior minister: Police can perform all border protection tasks

Croatia's Interior Minister Vlaho Orepic said on Wednesday that the police "are ready to perform all tasks regarding state border protection" and that army deployment was not necessary, ...

Full border control absolutely necessary, says president

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic said on Wednesday that full control of the state border was absolutely necessary but that this did not mean closing the border nor treating migrants inhumanely, but protecting Croatia's national security.

Five NGOs against deploying army to manage migrant crisis

Five non-governmental organisations on Wednesday expressed dissatisfaction with announcements by some Croatian office-holders that they are considering the deployment of army troops at the country's border in an attempt to improve refugee crisis management.

Karamarko: Defence Act to be amended so army can help police on border

Croatian Democratic Union president and First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko said on Tuesday that the Defence Act would be amended so that the army could help the police on the border in dealing with refugees and migrants.

NGO: Migration chaos in Greece "direct result" of border closures

Chaotic scenes at Greece's border with Macedonia, where thousands of migrants are stranded, are a "direct result" of border closures across Europe and Austria's cap on arrivals, Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday.

Pusic: Sending troops to border not a solution to refugee crisis

Croatian People's Party (HNS) leader and former Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic said on Tuesday that deploying troops to the border is not the way to deal with the ongoing refugee crisis.

Reiner: Troop deployment along border depends on security assessment

"It's hard for me to say at this point if it is necessary to send troops to the border. Some countries have done so, and whether or not Croatia will need to do the same will depend on a security assessment," Reiner said in response to questions from the press.

Migrants protest at Greek border one day after police fired tear gas

Around 100 migrants gathered to protest the closure of the passage from Greece to Macedonia on Tuesday, one day after Macedonian police fired tear gas at people storming a fence along the border.

More than 7,000 migrants stranded at Greece-Macedonia border

More than 7,000 migrants are in limbo at an overcrowded camp on the border of Greece and Macedonia, according to Greek officials and media reports on Monday.

Slovenian minister: Policy of fast transport of migrants no longer acceptable

Slovenia is consistently applying Schengen regulations at its border with Croatia and the policy of a faster transit of migrants along the Balkan route is no longer acceptable, Slovenian Interior Minister Vesna Gjerkes Znidar said on Thursday.

Serbian security services, army on alert over migrant crisis

Warning that more and more economic migrants appeared on the borders along the Balkan route, he said Serbia would continue to to treat all refugees and migrants "humanely, but will also protect itself and its interests."

Slovenia formally allows army to police border and control migrants

Slovenia's army is now empowered to help police the country's border with Croatia after a late-night parliamentary vote, the STA news agency reported, part of continuing efforts to control the flow of migrants hoping to cross through the country.

First migrant group reaches Austrian border after quotas take effect

Nearly 400 migrants arrived Saturday from Slovenia at Austria's main border crossing for asylum seekers, the first to reach the Spielfeld checkpoint since the introduction of a new quota system, an Austrian police spokeswoman told dpa.

Hungary to shut Croatia railway crossings used by migrants

Hungary said it would shut three railway crossings with Croatia for 30 days from Sunday, closing routes used by thousands of migrants last year, according to Reuters.

Slovenia ready to engage army to help in migrant crisis

The measures see to the protection of national interests so that Slovenia does not become a hot spot where migrants would stay for longer periods, Erjavec said.

Macedonia grateful to Croatia for help on border, says minister

Macedonia, which is facing a major refugee influx, is grateful to Croatia for its concrete assistance in border protection and refugee registration, Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki said in Munich on Saturday.  

Turkey shells Syrian Kurds across border

The Turkish military has shelled areas recently captured by Syrian Kurdish forces north of Aleppo, a monitoring group says.

EU gives Greece three months to improve border controls

The European Union on Friday issued 50 steps that Greece should implement to better control its borders within three months, in a process that could ultimately allow other European countries to maintain checks on migrants at their frontiers.

UN calls on Turkey to open border to refugees fleeing Aleppo

UN agencies on Tuesday called on Turkey to let in masses of refugees fleeing a government offensive in northern Syria and warned that up to 300,000 people in rebel-held eastern Aleppo city faced being cut off from aid.

Turkey opens border for injured Syrian refugees

Turkey has opened its border with Syria to allow injured refugees to enter, a spokesman for the aid organization IHH tells dpa by telephone.

Freezing and frightened, Syrian refugees stranded at Turkish border

The situation on the Turkish border has become desperate as thousands of Syrians flee from a fresh Russian-backed offensive on the city of Aleppo. With the border crossing at Kilis closed, many have been forced to camp out and wait.

EU looking for ways to suspend Schengen passport-free travel regime for two years

EU ministers of the interior on Monday called on the European Commission to lay the legislative and political groundwork for the possible introduction of border checks within the Schengen area of passport-free travel for a period of up to two years and not the usual six months, in light of the fact that efforts by European countries to control the migrant crisis have been yielding little effect.

Outgoing interior minister talks migration restrictions

Speaking at a press conference, he told "advocates of the wire fence" that aside from putting it up along the border with Serbia, they must not forget Croatia's 1,000-km-long border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Slovenian gov't says will introduce same measures as Austria regarding migrants, border control

The Slovenian government said that Feymann's statement for the Oesterreich newspaper was not surprising but that Austria should explain to the EC why it was suspending the Schengen agreement and how long the suspension would last.

Interior minister says Croatia hasn't become hotspot for refugees

"I heard his statement... and I can see that he has been doing some copying. Miro Kovac says that he was asked by the Germans why (Croatia's) national police director did not attend a recent meeting of the Austrian and Slovenian police chiefs.

Slovenia hands Croatia protest note over Savudrija Bay "incident"

Over past 45 days Croatia has forwarded eight protest notes to Ljubljana against the razor-wire fence being set up along the border and on Croatian territory in some areas.

New protest note to Slovenia against wire fence on border

The ministry notes that the first rains this year and rising rivers have demonstrated their force and have pulled the razor-wire fence into the rivers and that this could cause more problems in the foreseeable period.

Danish border controls are no problem for Germany, minister says

Germany has no problem with Denmark's reintroduction of border controls, a top official said Wednesday, before meeting his Danish and Swedish counterparts to discuss measures taken to control migration flows.

Pahor advocates good relations with Croatia

One of the fundamental matters in those relations concerns the two countries' dispute over the border arbitration, and Pahor reiterated Slovenia's stance that the arbitration has not been terminated and that it should continue.

Danish, Swedish, German officials to discuss border controls with EU

EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos is to hold talks Wednesday with Danish, Swedish and German officials on the reintroduction of border controls between their countries in response to heavy migration flows, a spokesman announced.

Cerar wants to discuss regugee crisis with Croatia's new PM

He said a final solution to the refugee crisis required the cooperation of all European Union countries and better control of the external borders.

Croatian FM urges Slovenia to treat refugees better

...  Croatia had the best supervision and organisation in tackling the migrant crisis compared to other countries through which refugees are passing on their way from Turkey to Germany.

Istrians protest against razor wire fence on Croatia-Slovenia border

"If we are Europeans and respect European values, we must remember that this barbed wire caused big wounds to our continent not that many years ago,"

Ethnic Italians urge removal of barbed wire on Slovenia-Croatia border

Following the eventful 20th century marked by tragedies and sufferings, local residents in "pluralistic Istria" have embraced cooperation and peaceful coexistence in the European Union, ...

Croatian FM writes to EC over Slovenian border fence

The razor-wire fence that is being put along the Croatian-Slovenian border is an impassable barrier to migrating wild animal species in one of the best preserved corners of Europe, 

Police officials say fence on Slovenia-Croatia border won't disrupt relations

We are continuing to cooperate with the aim of stopping cross-border crime and fighting terrorism. The wire fence has no impact on our cooperation and our relations,

Slovene PM reassures MPs wire fence on border temporary

The barbed wire that has encroached on Croatia's territory at some sites has prompted Croatia's foreign ministry to forward several protest notes to the Slovenian authorities so far.

Croatia presents new protest note to Slovenia over wire fencing

Slovenia must be aware that it is responsible for the damage it is doing to the people in the border area by denying them their rights, the statement said.

Slovenia not against Austran border fence

Commenting on Monday on the beginning of work on setting up the fence, the Slovenian foreign ministry said it was a temporary measure agreed between the two countries in order to direct the migrant wave in a more efficient way.

Zagreb protests against Slovenia's wire on Croatia's territory

The note forwarded to Slovenia's embassy in Zagreb reiterates Croatia's demand that the razor-wire fence on Croatia's territory must be removed without delay.

Macedonian army starts building fence on Greek border

Soldiers began driving long metal poles into the ground and rolling out wire, building a barrier similar to that erected by Hungary on its southern border with Serbia and Croatia 

Slovenia dismisses claims from Croatia's protest note

In its reply, the Slovenian government reiterated its position made known after earlier warnings to remove the fence from locations that were on Croatian territory.

Foreign ministry delivers another protest note to Slovenian embassy

By fencing off the two border crossings Slovenia has violated the 1997 Agreement on Local Border Traffic and Cooperation and it has brought into question the purpose of that agreement, 

Over 430,000 migrants have passed through Croatia since mid-Sept

Form Saturday midnight to 9 am Sunday, 3,137 arrivals were registered on Croatia's eastern borders, the ministry said on its web site.

Slovenia continues putting fence along border with Croatia

Slovenian authorities have continued putting a barbed wire fence on the country's border with Croatia in order to direct the refugee influx 

Thousands of migrants passing through Croatia, Austria erecting fence at Spielfeld

Slovenia's media have reported that Austria has started erecting a 3.7-kilometre wire fence along the Spielfeld-Sentilj border crossing between Austria and Slovenia. 

Erjavec says Croatia-Slovenia border not determined yet

"Slovenia is putting up technical barriers on its territory, the border has not been defined yet and we do not know how it runs, that will be known when the arbitral tribunal makes a ruling,"

Slovenia says has no reason to remove fence

"Migrations of such a large scale as this are a big challenge to all countries in the region and it is important that they cooperate most closely in managing migrant flows,"

Slovenia presented with protest note for barbed wire on Croatian territory

"Slovenia thus violated the territory of the Republic of Croatia which even according to the official Slovenian land records does not belong to the Republic of Slovenia," 

Slovenia continues erecting border fence

However, some Slovenian media said on Thursday that the mention of the surge of 30,000 migrants was necessary to portray the barbed wire fence as a necessary measure.

Slovenia set to erect wire fence along 80 kilometres of border

"The fences are not there to seal the border but to make it possible for us to organise the reception of migrants where we can register them," Erjavec told the Slovenian media.

Croatian minister: Slovenia wasting money on border fence

"Erecting a wire fence is a waste of money. It would be more important for (Slovenia) to set up a temporary shelter for refugees with a capacity as that of our shelter ...

Trucks with wire fencing arrive in Slovenian village on border with Croatia

Trucks carrying wire fencing arrived in the Slovenian village of Veliki Obrez close to the border with Croatia on Wednesday, a day after the government said it would start to put up fences

Slovenia to set up barriers on Croatian border to control migrant influx, says PM

 I want to stress that, by doing that, Slovenia is not closing its borders, only preventing the uncontrolled entry of migrants into our territory

Cerar says Slovenia to use wire, army against 'impossible' refugee influx

"It's easy to say that repression isn't the right answer, but what to do when people keep entering your house? No European state will allow such a situation. 

Cerar says will defend Slovenian interests, safety; might put up fence on Croatian border

"As prime minister, I'm willing to do everything to protect Slovenia's interests, the peace and safety of our people," he told reporters ...