Bird flu

Beijing bans poultry from provinces affected by bird flu

Beijing authorities have banned all live birds and poultry products from provinces affected by bird flu, state media reported Friday.

Taipei, Beijing warn of bird flu outbreak

Taiwan raised its bird flu alert on Monday after the highly pathogenic virus strain killed more than 3,000 birds at a turkey farm in the west of the country, the government said.

Eastern Taiwan on disease alert after first case of H5N6 bird flu

Disease containment measures were imposed in eastern Taiwan on Tuesday a day after health authorities confirmed the first case of H5N6 avian flu.

New bird flu virus type discovered in northern Germany

A new variant of bird flu has been discovered in domesticated animals in the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, the state agriculture ministry reported Monday.

Croatia bans keeping poultry in the open till danger of bird flu is over

Addressing reporters ahead of a euthanasia of poultry infected with a bird flu virus near Velika Gorica outside Zagreb on Monday, Croatian Agriculture Minister Tomislav Tolusic said that the virus...

Flu kills two in Croatia

Two Croatians who contracted the influenza died of that infectious disease in the last week of 2016, and Croatia is being hit by a large-scale outbreak with several thousand suffering from the flu...

Bird flu detected among poultry in northeast Croatia, no risk for human health

Avian influenza has been diagnosed among domestic poultry in the village of Kriznica on the bank of the Drava River, which is the first case of bird flu among domestic poultry in Croatia,...

107,000 chickens to be culled in Japan after bird flu discovery

Japanese authorities said Tuesday they had ordered the culling of 110,000 chickens at a poultry farm on the southern island of Kyushu after a highly pathogenic strain of H5 avian influenza was...

Bird flu in South Korea: 26 million chickens already culled

Some 26 million chickens have had to be killed in South Korea, officials said, to help combat the country's most serious ever bird flu epidemic.

310,000 chickens to be killed in Japan after bird flu confirmed

Authorities began culling 310,000 chickens at a farm on the Sea of Japan coast early Tuesday after a highly pathogenic strain of H5 avian influenza was detected in five birds, local authorities...

190,000 ducks culled in the Netherlands after bird flu discovery

The Netherlands' Economy Ministry said Saturday that 190,000 ducks had been culled after a strain of bird flu was discovered in the country's north-east.

16,000 turkeys to be killed in Germany as bird flu spreads rapidly

On the same day as the first case of aggressive bird flu was confirmed at a commercial farm in the German state of Lower Saxony, local authorities have ordered the death of 16,000 turkeys.

Bird flu spreading rapidly, German expert says

Bird flu is spreading rapidly across northern Europe, probably carried by wildfowl that do not show any symptoms, a German expert said on Wednesday.

Bird flu detected in Danish duck flock

Danish authorities on Monday said bird flu had been detected in tame ducks and urged poultry farmers to adhere to precautionary measures to avoid a possible spread.

Bird flu spreads in Germany ahead of planned cull of 8,800 geese

New cases of bird flu have been recorded in several cities and districts of southern Germany, local authorities said on Sunday, days before the planned cull of 8,800 geese in the north of the...