Bosniak sentenced to three yrs for killing Croat civilians in 1993

The Bosnian State Court's Appeals Chamber has sentenced a member of the 7th Muslim Brigade of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jasmin Coloman, to three years in prison for war crimes, namely for killing three Croat civilians and wounding another nine in central Bosnia, the Court said in a statement Friday.

Bosniaks in Serb entity urged not to vote in referendum

Republika Srpska (RS) Vice President Ramiz Salkic on Friday called on Bosniaks in RS, the Bosnian Serb entity, not to participate in a referendum on Sunday, and on those organising the vote not to open polling stations in areas with a Bosniak majority population in order to avoid incidents and acts of provocation.

HDZ leader against Bosnian Serb entity referendum

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic said on Thursday he was against a referendum on Republika Srpska (RS) Day scheduled for Sunday because it could lead to a referendum on the Bosnian Serb entity's secession from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

Bosnian Constitutional Court temporarily bans Serb entity referendum

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Saturday dismissed a motion by the Serb entity's government that the Court reconsider its decision to contest the entity's decision to observe January 9 as its day, and temporarily banned a referendum which the entity plans to hold on September 25.

Covic says EU General Affairs Council to accept Bosnia's application on Tuesday

The Croat member of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Presidency, Dragan Covic, said on Saturday that the European Union General Affairs Council would accept Bosnia's membership status application on Tuesday.

Bosnian state court upholds ban to RS authorities to use electoral roll for referendum

The Appeals Chamber of the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday upheld a decision of the State Electoral Commission (SIP) to reject the request of the authorities of the Bosnian Serb entity to forward the electoral roll to them which they intended to use for a referendum planned for 25 September on the issue of the entity's national day, local media reported.

Bosnian Serb officials dismiss call to abandon referendum

The most senior Bosnian Serb officials on Tuesday dismissed a call by the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council (PIC) in Bosnia and Herzegovina to cancel a referendum scheduled for September 25.

Bosnian FM: Milanovic has really stepped out of line this time

He said that Bosnia and Herzegovina's Council of Ministers hoped to build the best possible relations with Croatia, however, Milanovic's statements now raised the question of whether that was possible.

EU, U.S. warn Bosnian politicians country will not get money without reforms

The European Union and the United States have warned Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday that if it continues to block reforms on the path to the EU, it would be faced with financial sanctions.

Construction of new bridge on Corridor Vc may begin, says Bosnian official

Pejic told Sarajevo-based Dnevni Avaz daily that the Croatian commission for the control of public procurement on 17 June adopted a decision dismissing all complaints to the selection of companies for the construction of the said bridge.

Brdo-Brijuni Process summit confirms readiness to cooperate, draw closer to EU

"We will refrain unconditionally from any rhetoric or action that lead to regional tensions," Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Chair Bakir Izetbegovic said, conveying at a news conference conclusions of the Brdo-Brijuni Process summit.

Indictment against Croatian general for war crimes in Bosnia upheld

Bosnia and Herzegovina prosecutorial authorities are treating Jelic as a fugitive as he is currently residing in Croatia, even though Jelic has denied these claims.

Results of Bosnian population census to create new political crisis?

"We won't participate in that nor publish anything," Nezavisne Novine daily quoted him as saying. He said two years of negotiations aimed at agreeing a methodology for processing the results had been wasted. 

Reiner: Entity issue will be irrelevant once Bosnia meets EU criteria

"The issue of entities, national units, closure in circles, national or religious ones, will become irrelevant when the demands for joining the European Union are met and when a quality standard is achieved for all inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina,"

Sarajevo Arhbishop says Croatia's support to Bosnia's EU path exceptionally important

This is what Puljic told Croatian Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner, with whom he met during the first day of Reiner's working visit to Bosnia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina needs consensus on its EU path

"Bosnia and Herzegovina's European path will have a positive impact on the strengthening of state structures there," Croatia's Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miro Kovac said in his opening remarks.

War-destroyed Ferhadija mosque, landmark of Banja Luka, reconstructed

A 16th-century grand mosque in the north-western Bosnian city of Banja Luka was reopened on Saturday, 23 years to the day after it was levelled by Bosnian Serb forces.

Inzko presents report on Bosnia and Herzegovina to UN Security Council

The Austrian diplomat says that Bosnia and Herzegovina is being prevented from activating its path to NATO membership because authorities in RS refuse to cooperate in fulfilling prerequisites such as the registration of military property.

Karamarko: Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croats our primary interest

Karamarko underscored that Croatia is prepared to help raise the quality of life in Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly Croats who are a constituent people in that country.

EC, Bosnia halfway to agreement on duty-free Croatian exports

"There are things which the European Commission can't accept. There are also things we insist on. To reach an agreement, we must find a compromise, which we are working on," Tinjak said,

Four Bosnian Serbs indicted for atrocities against Croats and Bosniaks

The accused are charged with the murder of at least nine people and participating in the expulsion of Croats and Bosniaks and the looting and destroying of their property from April to the end of September 1992.

Bosnian Muslim leader accuses Serb Orthodox Church of promoting nationalism and protecting war criminals

Reis Kavazovic said that unlike the Serb Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church acted like Bosnia's friend, helping the strengthening of its international position.

Slavonski Brod residents protest against air pollution caused by Bosnian oil refinery

The protest was organised by an informal citizens' initiative called "We want clean air in Slavonski Brod," which said one could no longer remain passive about the air pollution issue because, after eight years, nothing had been done to reduce the pollution.

Experts don't rule out terrorist attacks in Bosnia

Azinovic, one of the leading Balkan experts in combating terrorism, was speaking at a conference organised by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe Mission to BiH.

Lajcak: If Schengen disappears, Western Balkans to suffer most

The migration crisis rocking Europe has seriously brought into question the Schengen Agreement and if it fails, Western Balkan countries will feel it the most, Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak said in an interview with Bosnia and Herzegovina's Nezavisne Novine daily.

Chinese companies eye construction of wind-park in Bosnia

The project envisages the construction of a 112-megawatt windpark with 35 turbines, and the construction should be finalised in 2017. The plant would to employ 20 workers.

Illegal communities defying Bosnian Islamic leadership's ban

The Islamic Community's main body, called the Riyasat, said in a statement that activities were under way to integrate "alternative groups" into the official structures of the Community in line with Bosnian legislation on religious liberties and communities.

Dodik says hasn't given up on referendum, vote to be held in March or April

"The referendum will be held. All procedures have been completed and we are discussing a date, in March or April," Dodik told the Belgrade-based commercial TV station Pink.

Islamic Community in Bosnia dissolving extremist jamias

The Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina has taken concrete measures to ban parallel Muslim communities in the country as well self-styled imams, local media reported on Monday.

Vucic says Serbia to continue supporting Bosnian Serb entity

Speaking at a ceremony on the occasion of RS Day, observed today, Vucic said he came to RS capital Banja Luka to convey "genuine support to RS and its citizens" and that "there will be no barriers between RS and Serbia ever again."

Dodik claims Republika Srpska is a state

 "Republika Srpska was formed as a state on January 9 and it will continue to build its state-building character," he was quoted as saying.

Bosnia set to submit EU membership application by January's end

Covic added that EU candidate status as well as the activation of NATO's Membership Action Plan would boost investments in the country.

Bosnia: Arrested radical Islamists planned terror attack in Sarajevo on Dec 31

Campara's office decided yesterday to request a month's detention for eight of the 11 men arrested on December 22, and the State Court granted the motion today.

Retired Bosnian general indicted for war crimes committed by "El Mujaheed" unit

Mahmuljin is indicted on the basis of his command responsibility and is believed to have known the perpetrators' intentions.

Bosnia: 11 arrested in Sarajevo on suspicion of links with ISIL

The arrestees have been reportedly in touch with radical groups, including people who were engaged in the wars in Syria and Iraq.

Bosnian Serb police to continue cooperating with central gov't institutions

"I believe that we have agreed that the cooperation between the RS police and SIPA and all the other state authorities will continue. That is the most important thing and in the interests of all citizens,"

FM: Montenegro's NATO membership to stabilise region

Podgorica has stated that the document will be ratified by its legislators by the end of this month.

Conference on Bosnia and Herzegovina's future held at European Parliament

That is not a bilateral issue between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina but between the entire EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina, he said.

Mass grave site with Srebrenica victims found in east Bosnia

According to initial information, this has to do with Bosniak victims killed after the fall of Srebrenica in the summer of 1995," 

40 people in Bosnia under investigation on suspicion of terrorism

Forty people are currently under investigation in Bosnia and Herzegovina because they pose a security threat given their links with radical Islamic groups and terrorism, ...

Bosnia activists hope EU bid will help end anti-gay violence, discrimination

Gay campaigners are hoping that Bosnia's bid to join the European Union, which has put its human rights record under greater scrutiny, will lead to change.

Bosnia ready for compromise on trade with Croatia for EU membership

"We'll see if (Brussels') responses to at least some of our demands are to our benefit," Sarovic said, adding that the pace of the negotiations would depend on that.

EU approves EUR 57 mln for cross-border cooperation

According to the statement, the objective is to improve the quality of joint public services in the region, promote sustainable development of tourist activities

Bosnia and Herzegovina Statehood Day again marked by divisions

Statehood Day, November 25, commemorates the session of the National Anti-Fascist Council of the People's Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ZAVNOBIH) held in Mrkonjic Grad

Tusk reaffirms support for Bosnia's EU perspective

The European Union is ready to provide assistance in stabilising the situation, Tusk told a press conference after meeting members of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency.

Explosive device hurled at Bosnia police station in presumed terrorist attack

"There are indications that this case contains elements of the criminal offence of terrorism," the local police said in a statement.

Bosnian president, EU commissioner talk Bosnia's progress

Mogherini and Covic also talked about the impressive progress Bosnia has made in the context of the reform agenda over the past year

Bosnian intelligence employee hurls explosive device in tunnel

According to media speculations, the explosive device was a strong firecracker that damaged the edge along the tunnel lane.

Time capsule with Bosnians' wishes sealed on 20th anniversary of Dayton agreement

Cormack was hopeful that in 2035, when the time capsule would be opened, the wishes of those young people would be a reality.

Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Croatian Anonymous don't have our database

The Ministry of Security of BiH point out that all the data now published Croatian Anonymous were available earlier, and published in the media and on social networks.

Inzko: Dayton Agreement must be changed, politicians must prove they support reforms in Bosnia

"Constitutional changes will come when Bosnia is ready. They will be adopted through the amendment procedure contained in the constitution, which requires the agreement of all of the three largest ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Person who threw bomb on Bosnian army chief's vehicle turns himself in

A senior police official told Hina that the person who threw the explosive device had turned himself in shortly after the incident 

Man kills 2 members of Bosnian army in Sarajevo, commits suicide; PM says Bosnia will protect itself

The killer, identified as Enes Omeragic, opened fire from a machine gun and killed two soldiers who were in a betting booth in the city's neighbourhood of Rajlovac around 8 pm,

Bosnian minister says police to be given more powers in fighting terrorism

"We are considering the adoption of a law introducing stricter punishment for terrorist acts. We also have to give police agencies greater powers," said Mektic.

Bosnia insists on right to access to international waters

"The bridge would become Croatia's maritime property and Croatia would have control of both that property and what's underneath it," the minister said.

Inzko says Bosnia's progress possible only by honouring Dayton peace agreement

“we need to raise our expectations and once again see the kind of concrete results and the positive momentum that we saw in the first decade of the peace process,”

Voting in Croatia's parliamentary election begins in Australia, Bosnia

The election for Croatia's eighth parliament began with the opening of three of four polling stations in Australia at 9 pm on Friday Croatian time.

Serbia, Bosnia confident there will be no arm conflicts in Balkans

The two officials agree that closing European borders to migrants could affect the situation in the region and raise tensions, but they are confident that armed conflicts are out of ...

Bosnian authorities to penalise websites that propagate radicalism and violence

The measures concern penalties for network providers of websites and portals of this nature which could be stripped of their licences.