Bernie Sanders

Sanders says his campaign radically changed US political landscape

Bernie Sanders' grassroots US presidential campaign wound down Monday at the Democratic National Convention, going out with a bang, not a whimper.

Sanders says he will vote for Clinton in US presidential election

Bernie Sanders will vote for Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in November's US presidential election, but stopped short of endorsing the former secretary of state in an interview on Friday with MSNBC.

Sanders supporters vow to continue fighting for ideals

US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a rally in Washington, DC on Thursday, with his supporters seeking to retain influence in the race despite Hillary Clinton having all but clinched the Democratic Party nomination.

Clinton declares "milestone" victory but Sanders vows to battle on

Hillary Clinton declared herself the Democratic Party's presidential nominee after a victory in the New Jersey primary, becoming the first woman to head a major party's presidential ticket.

Sanders wins Montana for second win in Tuesday's US primaries

US Senator Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic primary in the western state of Montana, US broadcasters project.

Clinton hopes to put nomination away as Sanders makes last stand

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders. After months of primary battles, the candidates are set to face off in the final six states as the party looks to move on to a contest with Donald Trump.

Sanders wins Oregon, Clinton claims victory in tight Kentucky race

Bernie Sanders was declared the winner in the Democratic primary in the north-western US state of Oregon, while Hillary Clinton claimed victory by a tiny margin in Kentucky.

Kentucky, Oregon vote as Clinton, Sanders showdown continues

Hillary Clinton had hoped to have long ago sealed the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, but challenger Bernie Sanders has proven a formidable foe, and the battle between the candidates turns to the east-central US state of Kentucky and north-western state of Oregon on Tuesday.

Sanders wins West Virginia primary, keeps challenge to Clinton alive

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won the Democratic presidential primary in West Virginia on Tuesday, keeping his upstart candidacy alive against frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Poll: Tight race between Clinton, Trump in key US states

Republican Donald Trump leads Democrat Hillary Clinton in the key US state of Ohio and only narrowly trails the former secretary of state in two other swing states, according to an opinion poll released Tuesday.

Pope says he just bumped into Sanders, insists he's not taking sides

Pope Francis said Saturday he had only a chance meeting with Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and advised anyone suggesting that he was meddling with US politics to "seek a psychiatrist."

Sanders wins Wyoming Democratic caucus

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders decisively defeated former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in the Democratic caucus in the western US state of Wyoming on Saturday, US broadcasters project.

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders headed to Vatican

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders will visit the Vatican next week to attend a conference on social, economic and environmental issues, his campaign said Friday.

US presidential candidates Cruz, Sanders clinch Wisconsin

The two presidential candidates who emerged on top Tuesday in the Wisconsin primary claimed their campaigns are unifying their respective parties and gathering steam.

Sanders takes Hawaii after big wins in Alaska, Washington caucuses

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is set to win the Democratic caucus in the US state of Hawaii by a wide margin against former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, media reports said Sunday.

Sanders wins Alaska, holds significant lead in Washington

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders won the Democratic caucus in Alaska Saturday and held a substantial lead over frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the state of Washington, US broadcasters say.

Clinton, Sanders face off in three Pacific states

Voting was underway Saturday as Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders face off in party caucuses in three US Pacific states.

Clinton, Sanders to face off in three Pacific states

Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders will face off Saturday in party caucuses in three US Pacific states.

Trump romps in three more states; Sanders shocks Clinton in Michigan

Republican front-runner Donald Trump won three more states

Trump romps in Michigan, Mississippi; Clinton, Sanders split states

Republican front-runner Donald Trump on Tuesday won two more states

Rubio, Sanders keep hopes alive with small victories

Candidates trailing in the Republican and Democratic presidential races scored victories Sunday, keeping their hopes alive in their respective nomination battles within the two major US parties.

Cruz, Trump split Republican primaries, Sanders wins two from Clinton

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz won by wide margins over front-runner Donald Trump in party caucuses in the US states of Kansas and Maine Saturday, but Trump prevailed in two other states.

Challengers Cruz, Sanders notch wins in US primary races

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz won by wide margins in the Kansas and Maine party caucuses over front-runner Donald Trump Saturday, while Democratic dark horse Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton in two Midwestern state races.

Trump, Clinton enjoy Super Tuesday victories, but snuff out no rivals

Super Tuesday brought more success to the campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election, along with a glimmer of hope for the anti-Trump faction and noticeable wins for Bernie Sanders.

Clinton wins in Nevada as Republicans await results in South Carolina

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton defeated Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic caucus in Nevada on Saturday.

Outsiders Trump, Sanders win New Hampshire primary, vow to push on

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump topped a crowded Republican field in New Hampshire primaries Tuesday, while Senator Bernie Sanders trounced Hillary Rodham Clinton in the closely watched first US presidential primary election.

Small New Hampshire next hurdle in the US presidential campaign

On Tuesday the US presidential campaign moves to New Hampshire. The small New England state has proved a graveyard for hopefuls in the past.

Cruz bests Trump; Clinton, Sanders tied in first US presidential vote

Cruz won 28 per cent of the vote to Trump's 24 per cent, with 99 per cent of precincts reporting, according to broadcaster CNN.

US presidential candidates make final pitches in Iowa

Candidates in the race for US president criss-crossed Iowa Saturday, speaking at rallies and meeting voters in a final push to win support ahead of all-important caucuses on Monday.
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