Bernardica Juretic

Welfare entitlements won't be restricted, says minister

Social Policy and Youth Minister Bernardica Juretic said on Saturday that her ministry's budget for this year would not be cut and that all social welfare entitlements would stay the same as last year.

Bridge MP says there's no subsidy for newborns

Juretic said on Wednesday that in the 2016 budget there would be money for a proposal to give 1,000 euros for every newborn child, which Karamarko had been announcing throughout the election campaign.

Social policy minister says ministry's budget in 2016 totals HRK 4.4 bln

Under the first working draft of the state budget for 2016, the Social Policy and Youth Ministry will have around HRK 4.4 billion at its disposal, which is around HRK 100 million more than in 2015, Minister Bernardica Juretic said.