At least 10 jihadists killed in north Syria airstrike, monitor says

At least 10 jihadist fighters were killed in airstrikes in northern Syria's Idlib province on Wednesday, the latest in a series of strikes targeting al-Qaeda-linked militants, a monitoring group...

Jihadists killed, captured in east Syria commando raid, monitor says

Some 25 Islamic State fighters were killed in a US-led commando raid deep inside the extremist group's territory in eastern Syria, a monitoring group said Monday.

Iraqi Kurdistan closes group helping Yezidi victims of Islamic State

An organization that has assisted members of the Yezidi religious minority victimized by the Islamic State extremist group said on Wednesday that Iraqi Kurdish security forces had closed its main...

Raid kills 25 member of al-Qaeda-linked group in north-western Syria

At least 25 members of the al-Qaeda-linked Fatah al-Sham Front are dead after air raids by unidentified planes hit one of its headquarters in north-western Syria, a monitoring group says.

Syria truce in "critical period" amid airstrikes, monitor says

The Russian and Turkish-brokered ceasefire in Syria was "passing through a critical period," with airstrikes on rebel strongholds and government forces massing near a rebel-held area outside...

Kurdish-led fighters make advances against Islamic State in Syria

Kurdish-led fighters have made new advances towards a strategic dam controlled by the Islamic State extremist group in northern Syria, a Kurdish official and a monitoring group said Tuesday.

Evacuations from Aleppo's last opposition enclave halted

The evacuation of civilians and rebel fighters from the last opposition enclave in eastern Aleppo came to a halt Friday, a day after the operation started under a Russian-Turkish agreement.

Regime forces push deeper into eastern Aleppo

After launching heavy strikes, Syrian regime forces managed to take control of a major rebel-held area in eastern Aleppo, a monitoring group said Monday.

Children's hospital hit as Aleppo airstrikes kill 21, activists say

A children's hospital was hit and 21 people killed in intensified airstrikes Wednesday on the divided Syrian city of Aleppo, according to medical workers and a monitoring group.

Two hospitals near Aleppo hit in airstrikes

Airstrikes, believed to be carried out by the Syrian regime or its Russian ally, hit at least two hospitals in rebel-held areas Monday west of Aleppo, a monitoring group reported.

Monitor: Kurdish-led forces advance on Islamic State capital in Syria

Kurdish-led forces have made territorial gains in a campaign they launched last week to retake al-Raqqa, the Islamic State extremist militia's de facto capital in Syria, a monitoring group...

Temporary truce takes effect in Aleppo

A temporary ceasefire, announced by the Syrian regime and allied Russia, went into effect in Aleppo Friday amid reported calm in the divided northern city.

Rebel shelling kills 12 civilians in Aleppo, Syrian media reports

At least 12 civilians were killed by rebel shelling in Aleppo on Thursday, Syrian state media reported, as rebels stepped up their operations in the divided northern city to break a government...

Lebanon's president-elect names Hezbollah critic as premier

Lebanon's newly-elected President Michel Aoun on Thursday named Saad Hariri, an outspoken critic of the Iranian- backed Lebanese Shiite movement, as prime minister.

Islamic State leader urges Mosul fighters to turn "blood into rivers"

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi urged his fighters in an audio recording posted online on Thursday not to retreat from the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, but also to invade Turkey and ...