Switzerland opts for moderate immigration law amid pressure from EU

Immigration into Switzerland will not be controlled through caps and quotas that would have violated Swiss-EU agreements, but through softer measures, the parliament in Bern decided on Friday.

Political veteran Doris Leuthard elected Swiss president for 2017

Centre-right politician Doris Leuthard will serve as Swiss president next year, the parliament decided Wednesday in Bern.

Swiss voters reject ambitious time table for nuclear phaseout

Switzerland will not adopt an ambitious time table for taking the country's five nuclear power plants off the grid by 2029, a 54-per-cent majority of Swiss voters decided Sunday.

Turkey threatens to stop refugee deal before end of the year

Turkey will end its refugee deal with the European Union before the end of December if the EU does not soon ease visa restrictions for Turks, Ankara's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told Swiss...

Two die as Swiss army helicopter crashes on Alpine mountain pass

Two Swiss army pilots were killed Wednesday when their helicopter crashed on the St Gotthard mountain pass, air force commander Aldo Schellenberg said.

The Solar Impulse 2 aircraft

The Solar Impulse 2 was built to fly around the world, powered only by the sun.

Solar Impulse feat may fuel progress in aviation, experts say

The world trip of the Solar Impulse 2 airplane is not the dawn of sun-powered commercial air travel, but it has fuelled innovations in aviation and other areas, according to engineering experts....

Bomb alert on Israeli airliner en route to Tel Aviv

There was a bomb alert on an Israeli passenger airplane that flew over Switzerland en route from New York to Tel Aviv on Tuesday, according to Skyguide, the company that monitors Swiss airspace....

Pollster projects massive defeat for Swiss basic income referendum

A pollster projects a huge defeat for a referendum in Switzerland on whether to introduce an unconditional basic income.

Dutch premier: Compromise on EU-Ukraine deal could take months

The Dutch vote against strengthening ties between the European Union and Ukraine could lead to lengthy negotiations about compromises in the implementation of the association agreement, Dutch...

Swiss embassies to enable contact between Iran, Saudi Arabia

Switzerland will facilitate diplomatic contact between Iran and Saudi Arabia via its embassies, the country's Foreign Ministry said Sunday in Bern.