Barack Obama

Trumps arrives at White House for tea with the Obamas

US President Barack Obama greets his successor Donald Trump on the steps of the White House.

On final day, Obama blasts Congress on Gitmo, commutes drug sentences

US President Barack Obama used his final day in office to blast Congress for leaving him with unfinished business in closing the military prison at Guantanamo Bay and to commute the sentences of...

Obamas make final call to bid Merkel 'Auf Wiedersehen'

US President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama telephoned German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her husband, Joachim Sauer, Thursday to thank them for their personal friendship.

Obama: "I think we're going to be OK"

US President Barack Obama reflected Wednesday on eight years in office and expressed optimism for the future of the United States, closing his last remarks to the press by declaring, "At my core,...

Obama: Journalists should show "tenacity" with next administration

US President Barack Obama thanks and praises reporters for the way that they covered his eight-year tenure, saying that he hoped the media would continue to bring a critical eye to the coverage of...

Obama commutes sentence of whistleblower Chelsea Manning

US President Barack Obama is commuting the sentence of whistleblower Chelsea Manning for leaking defence documents to WikiLeaks.

Putin accuses Obama administration of trying to delegitimize Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that the outgoing administration of US President Barack Obama has been trying to delegitimize president-elect Donald Trump.

Obama eases some sanctions on Sudan, citing "positive steps"

Citing "positive steps" taken by the government of Sudan, outgoing US President Barack Obama announced the easing of some sanctions against the North African nation on Friday.

Obama defends his legacy, democracy in farewell speech in Chicago

US President Barack Obama returned to his adopted hometown of Chicago on Tuesday to defend his legacy and urge Americans to protect democracy from challenges both at home and abroad, in his final...

Reports: Trump told that Russia has compromising information on him

US president-elect Donald Trump was presented last week with classified documents containing allegations that Russian operatives claimed to have compromising information on him, US news reports...

Spotify offers Obama job as "President of Playlists"

Days before US President Barack Obama ends his final term at the White House, the soon-to-be unemployed world leader was already being lured by music-streaming site Spotify.

Russian parliament speaker calls new US sanctions Obama's "hysterics"

New US sanctions against individual Russians are a manifestation of the "hysterics" of departing President Barack Obama and his administration, the speaker of Russia's lower house of parliament,...

Obama to Trump: You can't manage White House like family business

US President Barack Obama said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he has tried to impress upon president-elect Donald Trump that running the White House is different from any other job.

Obama tells Trump: Vladimir Putin's not on our team

US President Barack Obama has reminded his successor that "we're on the same team," after an intelligence report said that Moscow had interfered in the US election to help Donald Trump.

Rift over Russia: Trump at odds with intelligence officials, Obama

It reads like the plot of a Cold War spy novel: The Obama administration seems to have no doubt that Russia is behind cyberattacks and intrusions during the US presidential election. But president...