Bakir Izetbegovic

Biggest Bosnian Serb party ceases all contact with Izetbegovic over ICJ judjment review request

The main committee of the biggest Bosnian Serb party which makes up the ruling majority in Bosnia and Herzegovina decided o Sunday that its officials would cease all contact with member of the Bosnian President Bakir Izetbegovic until the crisis occurred following the submission of a request to the International Court of justice (ICJ) to review its ruling against Serbia is resolved.

Izetbegovic hopes ICJ will confirm Serbia's responsibility for genocide

The Bosniak member of the tripartite presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bakir Izetbegovic, on Monday rejected criticism stirred up by the announcement that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) would be requested to review its judgement made after Bosnia sued Serbia for genocide.

Bosniak presidency member announces investigation into Banja Luka troop review

The Bosniak member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, on Monday announced an investigation into the review of the country's army personnel in Banja Luka as part of the unconstitutional Republika Srpska Day celebrations, adding that all those who violated the law would be punished.

Izetbegovic wants friendly relations with Croatia, not lecturing

The Bosniak member of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, said on Wednesday that his country and the Bosniak people he represented wanted to have the best possible relations with Croatia, but that he considered as unacceptable statements about the security situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina being worse than it actually was.

IIzetbegovic says Croatian president doesn't respect Bosnia

I hope that President Grabar-Kitarovic will in the future follow our example, namely take care of problems in her country and leave our problems to us, Izetbegovic said.

Bosnian Croat leader writes to EU, insists on amending election legislation

The Croat member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dragan Covic, said in a letter to EU leaders on Thursday that the country's election law disempowered local Croats, calling for the enforcement of the European Court of Human Rights ruling in the Sejdic-Finci case after Presidency Chairman Bakir Izetbegovic stated a few days ago that it would not be possible to resolve the two matters soon.

Croatian MEPs concerned about Bosnia arrests

Croatian members of the European Parliament on Tuesday expressed concern about the circumstances which led to last week's arrests of ten former members of the Bosnian Croat HVO forces, who hold dual Croatian and Bosnian citizenship, on suspicion of war crimes.

Izetbegovic doubts status of Bosnian Croats will improve any time soon

The Chairman of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, said in Brussels on Tuesday that he doubted that Bosnia and Herzegovina would change its legislation any time soon to improve the status of the Croats in the country and implement the European Court of Human Rights ruling in the Sejdic-Finci case, which allows members of ethnic minorities to run in elections for the highest offices in the country.

Izetbegovic: Croatian officials' claims about disadvantaged position of Bosnian Croats uninformed

Commenting on claims that Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina were in a disadvantaged position in relation to the other two constituent peoples, Bosniaks and Serbs, Izetbegovic said that they were not and that the number of Croat representatives in government structures far exceeded the share of the Croat people in the country's total population

Bosnia and Iran to strengthen economic ties

Bosnia and Herzegovina will strengthen economic ties with Iran and measures will follow to change the current strict visa regime and facilitate travel between the two countries, the Bosniak member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in Tehran on Tuesday.

Bosniak leader: Dodik to face consequences of unlawful referendum

Bosnia and Herzegovina's collective presidency chairman, Bakir Izetbegovic, who is the Bosnian Muslim leader, said on Sunday that Bosnian Serb entity president Milorad Dodik and others engaged in the holding of the unlawful referendum on the entity's holiday would have to face the consequences of that "anti-constitutional and illegal act".

PIC ambassadors to decide on Bosnian Serb entity referendum

Izetbegovic recalled that Dodik's SNSD party adopted a declaration on 25 April 2015 which said that if the political situation did not unfold in line with their expectations, the RS parliament should call a referendum in 2018 on the independence of the Serb entity.

Izetbegovic says won't talk to Milanovic any more

Croatian Social Democrat leader Zoran Milanovic's statements about Bosnia and Herzegovina on Friday continued to be the main topic of comments by local politicians and media, with most dailies carrying those comments on their front pages.

Izetbegovic to ask Const. Court to ban Serb entity referendum set for 25 Sept.

Regarding the issue of the referendum in the Serb entity, Bosnian Croat leader Dragan Covic was on Tuesday more reserved in his remarks, adding that court judgements should not be contested but also that referenda should not be banned.

Izetbegovic: Peace in Bosnia seriously threatened, Serb entity referendum must be prevented

The referendum Bosnian Serb entity authorities plan to organise on September 25 is the most serious threat to peace and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina and resolute measures need to be taken to prevent such an unconstitutional vote, the leadership of the predominantly Bosniak Party of Democratic Action (SDA) concluded at an emergency meeting in Sarajevo on Monday.

Izetbegovic says Dodik has crossed the red line

The Chairman of the Bosnian collective Presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic (Bosniak), on Tuesday assessed that president of the Republika Srpska (RS)

Top Bosniak officials express support to Erdogan, condemn coup attempt

Top Bosniak officials in the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Saturday expressed their full support to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, condemning the coup attempt in Turkey.

Izetbegovic: Croats must have equal rights, but at some gov't levels they are privileged

"I don't know why they did it," he said, adding that the Bosniaks and Serbs would not allow any solution that would result in their being outvoted in Mostar considering that they were in the minority in relation to the Croats.

Bosnian Presidency and visiting Croatian FM hold meeting

Bosnia and Herzegovina's (B-H) presidency and Croatia's Foreign Minister Miro Kovac agreed on Friday in Sarajevo that strengthening friendly relations between the two countries was of mutual interest and a priority, announcing that efforts to reinforce bilateral relations would continue during the new Croatian government's term.

Izetbegovic: I expect Croatia's new PM to help solve outstanding issues

Izetbegovic noted that outstanding issues between the two countries remained such as border demarcation and the exploitation of natural resources, adding that these could be resolved if there was good will to do so.

Izetbegovic: Vucic's conduct contradicts promise of peace policy

The SDA official and a member of the Bosnia-Herzegovina tripartite presidency accuses the current Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik of being the strong proponent of that policy.