Austrian presidential election 2016

Despite defeat, Austrian far-right aims for big vote take in 2017

This weekend's loss in the Austrian presidential election will not deter Austria's far-right Freedom Party (FPOe) from its plan to win the next parliamentary elections and become part of the government, party leaders said Tuesday.

Report: Austria's Van der Bellen won presidency with 53.8 per cent

Green candidate Alexander Van der Bellen won the Austrian presidency with 53.8 per cent of the votes, 7.6 per cent ahead of far-right contender Norbert Hofer, according to the final count that was reported Tuesday by Austrian Press Agency APA.

Careful counting delays Austrian election end result until Tuesday

The announcement of Austria's presidential voting result was pushed back to Tuesday as election commissions applied meticulous counting standards to prevent new irregularities, the Interior Ministry announced Monday night.

Austria counting postal votes but Green presidency is certain

In a repeat election on Sunday that gave Austria's far-right Freedom Party another shot at the presidency, Green candidate Alexander Van der Bellen improved on his wafer-thin lead in May to comfortably win the vote.

EU leaders relieved as Austrian far-right candidate loses presidency

Pro-European and left-leaning politician Alexander Van der Bellen soundly defeated his far-right rival for Austria's presidency on Sunday, in a re-run election that left mainstream leaders across the continent breathing sighs of relief.

Austria's Green candidate for president defeats far-right rival

Austrians opted for a pro-European president by electing Green candidate Alexander Van der Bellen on Sunday with 53.3 per cent of the vote, projections by public broadcaster ORF showed.

Austrian presidential candidates optimistic as country repeats vote

The far-right and Green contenders for the Austrian presidency were both optimistic on Sunday as citizens cast their ballots in the repeat election that could see Austria elect Western Europe's first far-right head of state.

Van der Bellen, a fervent European and a former refugee child

Alexander Van der Bellen won the Austrian presidency with a pro-European platform that also championed the rights of immigrants.

Austria's Hofer softens far-right image on path towards presidency

Austrian presidential candidate Norbert Hofer has tried to soften his Freedom Party's far-right, nationalist image in a bid to win Sunday's election.

Austrian voters choose between rightist, Green president

Austrian voters are casting their ballots Sunday to decide the drawn-out presidential race between far-right candidate Norbert Hofer and his Green rival Alexander Van der Bellen.

Austrian rightist Hofer touts ties with Russia, US ahead of election

Austrian far-right presidential candidate Norbert Hofer highlighted his good relations with the Russian government and the incoming US administration of Donald Trump Friday as he held his final campaign rally in Vienna.

Is Austria next in line after Brexit and Trump?

Voters in Austria have a choice between a far-right and a Green president. No matter who wins, populism is gaining ground in the country.

Austria braces for drawn-out vote count of presidential election

Austrians might have to wait for two days to learn who wins the December 4 presidential election, because ballots will be counted meticulously to avoid renewed irregularities, the Interior Ministry said Thursday.

Green candidate warns of far-right takeover ahead of Austrian vote

Austria is at risk of becoming dominated by the far-right Freedom Party (FPO), Green presidential candidate Alexander Van der Bellen said Tuesday as he launched the final stretch of his campaign.

Brexit and migration loom large as Austria heads to polls again

Austrian rightist Norbert Hofer lost the presidential election by a slim margin in May. A mix of factors that dominate European politics could decide whether he can clinch victory in a second attempt.

Austria's far-right candidate raises possibility of EU exit vote

The far-right candidate who has been given a second shot at winning the Austrian presidency said in an interview Saturday that, under certain conditions, his country could hold a referendum on leaving the European Union.

Rerun verdict on Austrian presidency vote gives far-right new shot

Austria will have to repeat its presidential election because ballots and voting results were handled improperly, the Constitutional Court ruled Friday, in a historic decision that hands a second chance at the job to far-right candidate Norbert Hofer.

Austrian top court orders repeat of presidential election

Austria's presidential election will have to be repeated nationwide after reports of irregular ballot-counting, the Constitutional Court rules.

Far right triumphs in first round of Austrian presidential election

Far-right candidate Norbert Hofer won a surprisingly clear victory in the first round of Austria's presidential election on Sunday, in a result that mirrored his Freedom Party's growing popularity over the past year.

Austrians vote in first round of decisive presidential polls

Austrians cast their ballots Sunday in a first round of presidential elections that could advance or block the country's shift to the right.