Bosnian army chief of staff says no fear of armament of neighbouring countries

"Given the agreement on the subregional supervision of armament which clearly defines how much arms Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro can have, there is no reason for fear and panic," Jelec said in an interview

Crisis in Serbia-Croatia relations over arms purchase not serious, says US ambassador

I believe that arms procurement is not necessary and maybe your money could be spent some other way and on other things. I believe that in Croatia, too, there is an awareness of economic limitations, Kirby said in an interview with the Blic daily.

Vucic: If Croatia discards armament plans, Serbia will too

"We don't want to buy missiles of the same power and equally expensive, we want defence systems," the media cited Vucic as saying.

Serbian Army Chief of Staff doesn't see Croatia's armament plans as threat

Dikovic said that Serbia must develop systems by which it can carry out an attack on territories of other countries which could potentially threaten Serbia's security.