Ante Kotromanovic

Ex-defence minister fined HRK 30,000 for allowing Russian company to pay his flight

The Commission said Kotromanovic had been in conflict of interest because the flight was paid by a foreign entity, namely Russian capital which could have brought him in a dependant position towards that company.

Reiner: Troop deployment along border depends on security assessment

"It's hard for me to say at this point if it is necessary to send troops to the border. Some countries have done so, and whether or not Croatia will need to do the same will depend on a security assessment," Reiner said in response to questions from the press.

Grabar-Kitarovic: Conflict of Interest Commission overstepped its powers

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic said on Wednesday that by taking action against her for violating "the principles of discharge of public office and credibility of the President of the Republic" and not for a conflict of interest, the Conflict of Interest Commission had overstepped its powers and entered the sphere of political arbitration.

Conflict of interest commission takes action against president, outgoing defence minister

The Conflict of Interest Commission on Wednesday launched a procedure against President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic to establish whether she had violated the principle of credibility of office-holders.

Croatia doesn't have negative comments on Serbia's possible procurement of arms

Outgoing Croatian Defence Minister Ante Kotromanovic has said Croatia does not have negative comments on Serbia's announcements of possible procurement of Russian long range surface-to-air missile systems S-300.

Serbia will not allow to be humiliated if Croatia procures arms, says minister

"Let them do it, but when you decide to procure ballistic missiles with a 300 kilometre range, this is not something you do for peace in the region. Who is building peace with Ballistic missiles?" Stefanovic wondered.

Croatian defence minister respond to Serbian foreign ministry

"I remind you that Croatia is a member of the European Union and NATO which both advocate permanent peace. Our duty is to lead our country and equip our army the best we can, same as you," Kotromanovic said.

Serbian ministry condemns Croatian minister's statement

"Serbia is neither scared nor frightened and we hope Croatia won't be either once Serbia takes appropriate protection and defence measures," the statement said.

Kotromanovic tells Vucic not to be nervous

"We want peace, this is not armament, a competition or a threat. This is simply a NATO objective and we want to see it through the end. Nothing more," Kotromanovic said.

Croatian and US navies develop excellent cooperation in Mediterranean

... "Today we spoke about cooperation between our navies and about joint exercises that we will conduct here (Adriatic) in the future and on the Mediterranean," ...

Croatian army won't be sent to border, says defence minister

Defence Minister Ante Kotromanovic said on Wednesday that for now Croatia had no need to send troops to the border like Slovenia did, ...

Kotromanovic: We don't need a parallel system and panic mongers

Kotromanovic said that if the transfer of refugees to Hungary was too slow, Croatia was prepared to take care of 10,000 people.