Andrej Kisk

Grabar-Kitarovic considers Dublin Regulation dead

Minister Ostojic's statement referred to the presumption that a total of 4,000 migrants would enter Croatia however, many, many more have done so, she said.

Kiska says Slovakia's suit against EU consequence of coming election

Migrant quotas can only be a temporary solution, but they will not solve migration causes at their root, Grabar-Kitarovic said, reiterating this was a complex problem that Europe would have to deal with for years

Grabar-Kitarovic: Central Europe's north and south should be better connected

Grabar-Kitarovic underscored the closeness of Croatia and Slovakia and their people, saying that they had shared a huge legacy for centuries. 

Croatian president begins her official visit to Slovakia

Today, Grabar-Kitarovic and Kiska will open a Slovakian-Croatian business forum. A large business delegation, led by Croatian Chamber of Commerce head Luka Burilovic,