Human finally sees victory against Google computer in Go tournament

International Go champion Lee Sedol notched up his first victory Sunday in a five-game tournament against an artificial intelligence programme, marking a faint hurrah for humanity over machine.

Go champion apologizes after third defeat against Google AI programme

Lee Sedol, a professional player of the Chinese board game Go, apologized Saturday after a Google computer programme won its third straight match, ensuring the artificial intelligence (AI) software of victory in the landmark five-game machine-versus-human contest.

Three in a row for Google programme in Go face-off

Computer programme AlphaGo won its third game in a row Saturday, ensuring it of victory in the landmark five-game machine-versus-human contest in the board game Go.

Google programme takes first game off human Go champion

A Google software programme has drawn first blood in the latest contest between man and machine, winning the first of five planned games against a South Korean champion in the boardgame Go.