Thirty per cent of Aleppo's Old City destroyed, UNESCO says

Thirty per cent of the Old City of Aleppo has been destroyed and 60 per cent significantly damaged amid the ongoing conflict there, UNESCO said Friday.

Monitor: 43 insurgents killed in targeting airstrikes in Syria

At least 43 militant rebels were killed in strikes by unidentified jets in Aleppo in northern Syria in the latest such attacks in the war-wracked country, a monitoring group reported Friday.

Air attack on rebel Aleppo area kills four children, monitor says

Four children were among six civilians killed Thursday in a bombardment of a rebel-held area in the northern province of Aleppo, breaching a nationwide ceasefire that went into effect almost two...

Six civilians killed in airstrikes on Aleppo rebel area, monitor says

Six civilians were killed Saturday in airstrikes on a rebel-held area on the outskirts of Aleppo, two days after a mass evacuation was completed from the city, a monitoring group reported.

Two killed, 33 injured in Aleppo blasts: Syrian state media

Two people were killed and 33 injured in blasts caused by explosives left behind by rebel fighters before their departure this week from their stronghold in eastern Aleppo, Syria's state news...

Monitor: Syrian forces combing eastern Aleppo after mass exodus ends

Syrian government troops and allied paramilitaries were Friday combing eastern Aleppo for potential explosives left behind by rebel fighters a day after mass evacuations from the enclave were...

Evacuation of eastern Aleppo complete, Syrian media and watchdog say

The evacuation of the last rebel enclave in eastern Aleppo was completed on Thursday, Syrian government media and watchdog the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Thursday.

Evacuation of eastern Aleppo in final phase, UN says

The evacuation of the last rebel enclave in eastern Aleppo was entering its final phase on Thursday, the United Nations said, clearing the way for Syrian government forces to regain full control...

Aleppo evacuations enter last stage after delay

The last residents and rebel fighters in eastern Aleppo were leaving the last opposition enclave in the devastated northern city on Wednesday, signalling the final stage of evacuations that had...

Aleppo evacuations delayed again, as government source blames rebels

The final evacuations of civilians and rebel fighters from east Aleppo appeared to be on hold on Tuesday evening, with a source close to the Syrian military saying rebels inside the devastated...

Red Cross: 25,000 evacuated from east Aleppo

A total of 25,000 people have been evacuated so far from the rebel enclave of eastern Aleppo, a spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross said on Tuesday.

Trapped orphans among 5,000 bussed out of eastern Aleppo

Some 47 children who had been trapped in an orphanage were among 5,000 people bussed out of eastern Aleppo as the evacuation of the rebel enclave gathered pace on Monday.

UN Security Council votes to send observers to Aleppo

The UN Security Council voted unanimously Monday for a compromise measure to send observers to the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo.

7-year-old Bana, along with family, evacuated from eastern Aleppo

Bana al-Abed, a 7-year-old girl who gained fame for her social media account, has been evacuated from eastern Aleppo.

Thousands leave Aleppo in new evacuations as 50 more buses enter city

Some 50 more buses began entering a rebel-held enclave of eastern Aleppo to carry around 3,000 rebels and their families out of the war-ravaged Syrian city, a monitoring group said Monday.