Aleksandar Vulin

Serbian minister calls on EU to react to 'expansion of fascism' in Croatia

Serbian Labour and Social Welfare Minister Aleksandar Vulin on Sunday called on Europe to react to "the expansion of fascism" in Croatia, saying that putting up a plaque reading "For the Homeland, Ready!" in Jasenovac is no longer a Croatia-Serbia issue but an issue that demanded an international reaction.

Vulin concerned about Croatia's lack of condemnation of Ustashas

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic's sympathy for Ustashism is not unknown, but what is worrying is the lack of condemnation of the Ustasha ideology by the wider public in Croatia, Serbian Labour and Welfare Minister Aleksandar Vulin said on Sunday.

Serbia will not increase accommodation capacity for migrants

Serbia has been given additional funds by the European Union to manage the migrant crisis during the winter, but it has no intention of increasing the capacity for the reception of refugees and migrants, Serbian Labour and Social Welfare Minister Aleksandar Vulin said after talks with EU officials in Brussels on Friday.

Croatian Foreign Minister: Hatemongers in Serbia again active

Croatian Foreign Minister Miro Kovac on Monday dismissed the latest accusations from Serbian Labour Minister Aleksandar Vulin who compared the situation in Croatia with that in the World War II Nazi-styled Independent State of Croatia (NDH), saying that on-call hatemongers in Serbia were again active.

Serbian minister expects EU to respond to commemoration of "Croatian Nazis"

Vulin said that "Serbia cannot change Croatia" but that it can ask the EU to treat its member as it would treat any other country.

Minister: Serbia will no longer readmit refugees from Croatia

Vulin made this statement on Wednesday being prompted by the return of 217 refugees from Croatia to Serbia on Tuesday evening, after they were not allowed by Slovenia to cross into its territory.

Serbia to only allow Austria and Germany-bound migrants through

Serbia will stop all migrants from transiting its territory unless they say they are refugees who plan to ask for shelter in Austria or Germany, Welfare Minister Aleksandar Vulin said Wednesday.

Vulin: New decision by Slovenia and Croatia regarding migrants no problem for Serbia

"That won't be a big problem for Serbia because such lists are already compiled at Presevo (a refugee reception centre near the border with Macedonia) where all migrants are given appropriate documents," Vulin said

Sid transit centre to accommodate 1,000 refugees

Migrants and refugees will be are bussed to Sid from Presevo, southern Serbia, where they cross into Serbia from Macedonia on their way towards west and north Europe.

Council of Europe bank to grant EUR 2.3M to Serbia for refugee crisis

Since the start of this year, over 316,000 migrants have passed through Serbia.