Indian Air Force plane with 29 on board goes missing

An Indian Air Force transport plane with 29 personnel on board went missing over the Bay of Bengal Friday and a search was launched, officials said.

Five dead after seaplane crashes into Shanghai bridge

Five people were killed on Wednesday after a seaplane crashed into a bridge during its inaugural flight in China's eastern port city Shanghai, according to local authorities.

Black box of crashed Egyptair plane suggests fire on board

Data downloaded from one black box of the Egyptair plane which crashed in the Mediterranean Sea in May suggested a fire had occurred on board, investigators said on Saturday.

Chinese air passengers arrested after throwing food, slapping crew

Three Chinese air travellers were arrested after a video showed them hitting, throwing food and verbally abusing ground crew over a delayed flight, reports said Tuesday.

EgyptAir hijacker releases all passengers except staff, 5 foreigners

Negotiations with the hijacker of an EgyptAir plane that landed in Cyprus on Tuesday resulted in the release of all people on board except five foreigners and the flight crew, the Egyptian Civil Aviation Ministry said in a statement. 

Nepal pilots awarded posthumous medals after crash landing

Two pilots who died in a crash landing last week will receive posthumous bravery awards after all their passengers survived, officials said Tuesday.

Crashed Nepalese passenger plane might have diverted from its route

A passenger plane that crashed in central Nepal on Wednesday killing all 23 people on board might have diverted from its usual route, Pokhara Airport chief Dipak Baral said.

Somali plane explosion may have been caused by bomb - officials

An explosion that ripped a hole in the side of a Somali passenger plane could have been caused by a bomb, officials said Friday.

NATO confirms Russian jet violated Turkish airspace

A Russian jet has violated Turkish airspace, Ankara and NATO said Saturday, adding to recent strains in the traditionally friendly relationship between the two countries.

Passengers on the flight Frankfurt - Belgrade stopped a Jordanian who tried to enter the cockpit

Passengers quoted by Belgrade media said the man banged on a cockpit door threatening to bring down the plane while it was flying over Austria if he was not allowed inside.