Number of southern Africans needing aid rises by one million

The number of people in southern Africa needing food aid and related assistance has risen by more than a million to 13.8 million since July, the UN said Tuesday.

Croatia has so far provided over EUR 6mn in aid to Afghanistan

Croatia has so far provided about 50 million kuna (6.6 million euros) in assistance to Afghanistan and will continue to help that country, Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miro Kovac said in Brussels on Wednesday.

Criticism in Germany as EU proposes to offer aid to foreign armies

The European Union should be able to funnel aid to militaries in fragile partner countries, the bloc's executive proposed Tuesday, in a move expected to benefit African nations in particular.

UN to request Syrian government's approval for aid airdrops

The United Nations will ask the Syrian government on Sunday for approval to carry out airdrops of aid to besieged areas with no or partial humanitarian access, members of the UN Security Council said Friday.

UN: Syrian government approves aid access to 12 besieged cities

The Syrian government has approved full humanitarian aid access to 12 besieged cities and partial access to three locations under siege, the UN says.

WFP preparing Syria air drops, but UN lacks regime approval

The World Food Programme is preparing humanitarian air drops in Syria, but the operation is not imminent as the Syrian regime has not yet given its approval, senior UN envoys say.

First aid convoy since 2012 enters long-besieged Syrian town

A long-awaited humanitarian aid convoy entered the Damascus suburb of Daraya, under siege from government forces since 2012, as an international deadline for the provision of relief to besieged areas of Syria expired.

First aid convoy since 2012 enters besieged Daraya, near Damascus

A humanitarian aid convoy has entered the besieged area of Daraya, outside the Syrian capital Damascus, for the first time since 2012, the International Committee of the Red Cross said Wednesday.

Croatia requests EC aid for dairy farmers, frost damage

"Croatia has proposed a special item in which we wish to inform the European Commission about the situation in an especially delicate and vulnerable sector, milk production," Romic said.

Dairy farmers to receive HRK 27.6 million in aid

The government on Wednesday adopted a decision on the payment of HRK 27.6 million to milk producers which should be allocated no later than 30 June in an effort to relieve the difficult situation in the dairy sector.

Syrian opposition says no talks without aid, as 44 die in airstrikes

Syrian peace talks cannot continue unless more humanitarian aid reaches civilians and the truce can only hold if rebels get more weapons, leading opposition envoy Riyad Hijab said Tuesday in Geneva.

EU provides Greece with 83 million euros in refugee aid

The European Union on Tuesday approved 83 million euros (93.8 million dollars) aimed at improving conditions for refugees in Greece, in its first disbursement under a mechanism set up to provide humanitarian aid within the bloc.

EU proposes 700 million euros in aid as migrants crowd into Greece

The European Union should provide 700 million euros (760 million dollars) in emergency aid through 2018 for member states worst affected by Europe's migration crisis, the bloc's executive proposed Wednesday.

UN says aid drops planned to Syrian city encircled by Islamic State

World powers are planning aid air drops to the besieged Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, UN official Jan Egeland, head of the humanitarian task force on Syria, said Thursday.

UN aid convoy enters besieged Damascus suburb

Dozens of trucks laden with humanitarian aid Wednesday entered a besieged Damascus suburb, UN sources and state media said.

Croatia pledges EUR 1mn for Syria

"I hope that the political process, based on the UN resolution, will bring this crisis and tragic conflict to an end. Let us not be ashamed to respond when our children ask us:  What have you done to stop the war in Syria?" Grabar-Kitarovic said.

EU promises 3 billion euros for Syria, neighbours

The European Union will provide more than 3 billion euros (3.4 billion dollars) this year to help people in war-torn Syria and neighbouring countries, EU President Donald Tusk says.

UN chief urges world to act to end "intolerable suffering" of Syrians

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged the international community to foster political dialogue to alleviate the "intolerable suffering" of Syrians, as some 70 nations gathered to pledge financial support to the war-torn country.

Save the Children: Education vital to halt Syrian "lost generation"

Educational provision is vital to avoid many of the estimated 5.8 million children displaced by the conflict in Syria becoming a "lost generation," with about half of them currently out of school, Save the Children says.

Syrian donor conference aims to pledge 9 billion dollars

British Prime Minister David Cameron urged a "new approach" to helping millions of people caught up in the Syrian conflict on Thursday as leaders of some 70 nations gathered to pledge financial support to Syria.

EU finalizes Turkey refugee fund after Italy drops opposition

EU member states gave the final go-ahead Wednesday for a 3-billion-euro (3.3-billion-dollar) fund aimed at improving the lives of refugees in Turkey, as part of efforts to reduce the number of people heading to Europe in search of a better life.

Serbia to get USD 40mn from UN to manage refugee crisis in 2016

The plan was drawn up under the auspices of the UN Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organisation on Migrations (IOM).

In Syrian town, starving residents desperate for aid

An intense siege led by government forces on a rebel-held town near Damascus is taking its toll on thousands of trapped locals. Humanitarian aid is on its way in a race against the clock to save the town's already starving residents.