Croatian Constitutional Court to announce its ruling on abortion Thursday

Constitutional Court President Miroslav Separovic will announce on Thursday a ruling on a complaint of unconstitutionality filed against a law which regulates the right to abortion and which dates back to 1978, the Constitutional Court said.

Croatian FM rejects claims gov't will change abortion law, advocates dignity of LGBT persons

Croatian Foreign Minister Davor Ivo Stier said on Monday he absolutely rejected allegations that the government would change the abortion law, and added that he advocated the dignity of LGBT persons.

ProLife calls on ombudswoman to resign, she calls on DORH to say if ProLife's campaign is hate speech

The ProLife civil society group on Friday called on Gender Equality Ombudswoman Visnja Ljubicic to resign, saying that she did not understand the purpose of its campaign "I want to live" and wanted to restrict the constitutionally guaranteed right to life and freedom of speech, while Ljubicic called on the Office of the Chief State Prosecutor (DORH) to establish if the said campaign constituted freedom of expression or hate speech.

Pope Francis indefinitely extends priests' right to pardon abortion

Pope Francis on Monday indefinitely extended a provision that makes it easier for Catholics to seek a pardon for abortion, while insisting that the practice remains a "grave sin" for the Catholic Church.

New health minister says against abortion but also against banning it

The new Health Minister, Milan Kujundzic, said in his first interview as minister on Thursday that he was against abortion but also against a ban on abortion, describing prayer meetings outside hospitals as "a bit awkward".

Polish parliament rejects proposal on abortion ban

Polish lawmakers voted down a complete ban on abortions on Thursday, handing a victory to tens of thousands of men and women who had protested the proposal in recent days.

Thousands demonstrate against abortion ban in Poland

Tens of thousands of Polish women dressed in black protested in Warsaw despite heavy rains against a threatened ban on abortion Monday.

Polish parliament debates strictest abortion law in the EU

Polish women face years in prison if a law tightening abortion legislation is passed. Activists opposed to the measure are demonstrating dressed in black outside parliament in Warsaw. Poland already has some of the strictest abortion legislation in the EU.

Latin American abortion requests rise amid Zika fears

The mysterious Zika virus has been detected in 61 countries, the majority in Latin America. More and more pregnant women are considering abortions out of fear of birth defects in their babies.

US Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion clinic restrictions

The US Supreme Court on Monday overturned two key parts of an abortion law passed by the state of Texas that opponents said was unconstitutional because it unduly restricted a woman's right to the procedure.

US Supreme Court strikes down controversial Texas abortion law

The US Supreme Court on Monday overturned two key parts of an abortion law passed by the state of Texas that opponents said was unconstitutional because it unduly restricted a woman's right to the procedure.

Selective female abortion banned by Indian Islamic seminary

An influential Islamic seminary in India has passed a fatwa banning the selective abortion of female foetuses, citing a drop in the ratio of girls to boys among the country's Muslim community.

Pro-life, pro-choice protests held in Zagreb

Carrying red, blue and white balloons, participants in the anti-abortion protest gathered in King Tomislav Square, where a bus was parked, with singers singing on it.

Thousands protest against proposed abortion ban in Warsaw

Thousands of people took to the streets in Warsaw on Saturday to protest a proposed tightening of Poland's abortion legislation.

Polish prime minister endorses national ban on abortion

Poland's national-conservative Prime Minister Beata Szydlo announced her support for a ban on abortions on Thursday, backing the grassroots movement Stop Abortion on Polish radio.

Pope: Abortion is always evil, contraceptives may be justified

Performing an abortion is a criminal act, but using contraceptives to avoid pregnancy may be justified in extreme cases, Pope Francis said Thursday.

Women's Network against ban on abortion

The letter cited Council of Europe Resolution 1464 "Women and Religion in Europe" which calls on member states to protect women's human rights through legislation and practice.