Croatia's foreign policy in 2016: Focus on neighbours and stability of southeast Europe

In 2016 the focus of Croatia's foreign policy was put on its relations with neighbouring countries and support to their EU and NATO aspirations as well as on the stability of the southeast of Europe, according to statements by the incumbent Foreign Minister Davor Ivo Stier and his predecessor Miro Kovac, both of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).

No Zika at the Olympics - but the epidemic isn't over for Brazil

Pre-Olympic fears over a Zika outbreak in Rio were so strong that some called for the Games to be cancelled, yet there hasn't been a single reported case during the competition - mainly thanks to the South American winter. But poor sewage systems in Brazil mean the virus is likely to return as temperatures increase.

Olympics off to a false start: What's going wrong in Rio

Gunshots, queues, empty seats: apart from the athletes themselves, not much is running smoothly in Rio. Olympic teething problems are nothing new, but the hosts are struggling to bring things under control.

Hungarian state TV silent about Olympic refugees

Budapest (dpa) - In a flashback to the days of the Cold War, Hungary's state TV has stayed mum about the presence of a refugee team at the Olympics, a fact drawing criticism from opposition media on Sunday.

US Olympic fencer Muhammad makes bold statement with hijab

Ibtihaj Muhammad is set to leave a mark at the Summer Olympics, no matter how she ends up doing in the women's sabre fencing events in Rio de Janeiro.

Team of refugees conveys message of hope at Olympics

Popole Misenga could not hide his tears, and Yolande Bukasa Makiba next to him had to wipe her eyes a few times, too, when Misenga talked about how long he had not seen his brothers.

Soldiers and police conduct anti-terror drills in Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian security forces conducted anti-terror exercises Saturday in Rio de Janeiro just weeks before the Summer Olympic are set to begin, officials announced.