Woody Allen launches new film in Cannes as son launches fresh attack

Director Woody Allen launched the Cannes Film Festival for the third time on Wednesday as once again allegations were raised that the Oscar winning filmmaker abused his daughter, Dylan.Allen and his stars “can trust that the press won’t ask them the tough questions,” Ronan Farrow, who is a journalist and the son of actress Mia Farrow and Allen, wrote in a guest column in the US entertainment magazine Hollywood Reporter.

"It's not the time, it's not the place, it's just not done," wrote the 28-year-old Farrow.

Two years ago, Dylan Farrow, Allen's daughter, published an open letter setting out her accusations that her father sexually assaulted her when she was seven years old.

"I believe my sister," Ronan Farrow wrote in the Hollywood Reporter.

"This was always true as a brother who trusted her, and, even at 5 years old, was troubled by our father's strange behavior around her," he said.

In his article Farrow referred to allegations that Allen climbed into Dylan's "bed in the middle of the night, forcing her to suck his thumb."

In the article, Farrow claims that there has been a culture of acquiescence surrounding his father and allegations of sexual abuse.

This is not the first time that Farrow has made the claims but this time they are come at an embarrassing moment for the 80-year-old Allen - just as he appears on Cannes' famed red carpet to present his new film, Cafe Society.

Set in 1930s Hollywood, Cafe Society is Allen's 49th film and is to be screened out of competition in Cannes, which means it is not in the running for any of the top prizes at what is the world's leading film festival.

Cannes has already screened 14 of Allen's films, all out of competition.

A total of 21 films have been selected for the race for top honours in Cannes, which includes the Palme d'Or for best picture.

With a film career stretching back to the 1960s, Allen previously opened Cannes in 2002 with Hollywood Ending and again in 2011 with Midnight in Paris.

Cafe Society stars Jesse Eisenberg as a young man who arrives in Tinseltown dreaming of a job in the motion picture business.

He falls in love with the secretary in his uncle's agency, played by Kristen Stewart. The movie also stars Steve Carell, Blake Lively and Parker Posey.

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