Turkey's post-coup crackdown by numbers

The weekend's unsuccessful coup attempt in Turkey, which left at least 264 dead and over 1,500 injured, has triggered a dramatic purge of state institutions.

Here is the breakdown in numbers, according to a dpa tally based on government figures and state media reports:

- 29,464 were suspended from the civil service, police and security forces

- 1,577 deans have been ordered by the Council of Higher Education to submit their resignations

- 21,000 teachers in private institutions have had their licences revoked

- 6,319 soldiers are in custody

- 950 civilians have been arrested

The civil service suspensions include but are not limited to:

- two high-level aides to the president

- 257 employees of the prime minister's office

- 100 intelligence service officials

- 2,745 members of the judiciary, including two constitutional court judges

- 1,500 employees in the Finance Ministry

- 15,200 employees in the Education Ministry

- 393 employees in the Family and Social Affairs Ministry

- 492 employees of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Turkey's highest governmental religious body

- 950 civilians have been arrested

The above is based on information from Turkey's Justice Ministry, the Prime Minister's Office, Interior Ministry, Dogan private news agency, Anadolu state-run news agency and broadcaster NTV.

In depth coverage

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