South African anti-apartheid veteran calls for Zuma's resignation

Anti-apartheid veteran Ahmed Kathrada has called on South African President Jacob Zuma to resign as pressure mounts on the head of state over improper spending on his rural home.

Kathrada, who was jailed alongside Nelson Mandela and is a long-serving member of Zuma's African National Congress, called for the president's resignation after Friday's announcement Zuma would repay the money but retain his post.

"Dear Comrade President, don't you think your continued stay as President will only serve to deepen the crisis of confidence in the government of the country?" Kathrada wrote in an open letter released Saturday.

Zuma's "contribution to the liberation struggle would be severely tarnished if the remainder of your term as President continues to be dogged by crises and a growing public loss of confidence in the ANC and government as a whole," he said.

The news comes after South African's highest court ruled that Zuma had violated the constitution by failing to heed instructions to pay back some of the 14.6 million dollars in funds he spent on his rural home.

Last update: Sat, 02/04/2016 - 22:28

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