Slovenian, Serbian, Macedonian and Greek police for stricter refugee control

Police officials from Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece met in Brdo Pri Kranju, Slovenia on Friday to discuss stricter border controls and registration of refugees and migrants passing through their countries on their way to western and northern Europe.

The daily influx of refugees and migrants using the Balkan route has considerably decreased in recent days due to a change in weather and measures that are being implemented by Macedonia on its border with Greece, Slovenian police chief Marijan Fank told the press after the meeting. He, however, added that the present situation was no guarantee that a large migrant wave towards Europe would be stopped in the long term.

Police officials from the four countries called for improving the method of identification of migrants for security reasons. One of the proposals put forward at the meeting was to introduce a single ID document which a migrant would carry from the point of entry into the EU to their final destination.

Slovenia undertook to obtain greater support from EU members for that idea. The EU's external borders agency Frontex should also be involved in its implementation.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) was called upon to become more involved in tackling the migrant crisis, particularly the problem of returning migrants who are not entitled to enter the EU to their countries of origin.

Croatia did not attend the meeting, and Fank said that he would inform his Croatian counterpart of the meeting's conclusions.

Last update: Tue, 08/12/2015 - 12:28

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