Slovenian opposition motion for fence on border with Croatia rejected

Slovenia's parliamentary committee for the supervision of secret services on Friday rejected an opposition motion that the army and construction companies should immediately start building a fence along the border with Croatia in order to stop the influx of refugees and migrants fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

The motion was put forward by the Slovenian Democratic Party, whose member and committee chairman Branko Grims said that statements by the government that Slovenia was in control of the refugee situation were "ridiculous", adding that Slovenia was becoming "a bottleneck" of the Shengen area and could be expelled from it, and that the country would turn into a large refugee camp.

If work on building a fence on the 671-km-long border with Croatia started today, Slovenian soldiers and construction companies could complete it in two weeks' time, the opposition said.

The director of the Slovenian intelligence agency SOVA, Zoran Klemencic, rejected claims by opposition members of the committee that nearly 400,000 more refugees and migrants were on their way to Europe and would pass through Slovenia, which they said was becoming "the EU's doormat". He said that according to his information the refugee wave from Turkey and Greece to the northwest of Europe was abating and stabilising and no large waves of migrants were expected over the next few months.

The alarming reports that Austria would put up a wire fence on its border with Slovenia were denied at press briefings on Friday afternoon by Interior Minister Vesna Gjerkes Znidar and State Secretary Bostjan Sefic, who said that the situation on the Slovenian borders was getting back to normal as the influx of migrants had somewhat decreased.

The two officials said that the transit of migrants would be even better organised after Austria put up smaller barriers to channel them on the border at Sentilj and that this was not a sign that Austria, or Germany, would close its border to migrants in the near future.

Last update: Fri, 30/10/2015 - 21:10

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