Obama calls for Trump to have history lesson on African Americans

US President Barack Obama thinks Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump could benefit from a history lesson the challenges overcome by African Americans as Washington prepares to mark the opening of the National Museum of African American History and culture on Saturday.

Trump had called for black voters to support him, characterizing the situation in the community as worse than ever before and claiming that though the group traditionally supports Democrats they have nothing to lose by instead backing him.

“You know, I think even most 8-year-olds [will] tell you that whole slavery thing wasn't very good for black people. Jim Crow wasn't very good for black people,” Obama said in an interview with ABC News that aired Friday to mark the opening of the museum.

Obama, the first African American to serve as president, recommended Trump visit the museum and called for white Americans to acknowledge the legacy of slavery followed by legally enforced discrimination.

"If you have hundreds of years of racial discrimination it's likely that the vestiges of that discrimination linger on. And we should acknowledge that and own that,” Obama said.

The new museum, which cost upwards of 500 million dollars, is nestled near the Washington Monument in the centre of the National Mall, known as the front yard of the United States.

Last update: Fri, 23/09/2016 - 22:10

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