By the numbers: Taking stock of NATO and Russia's military reserves

As relations between NATO and Russia continue to sour in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, some fear a new arms race between the two world powers, which are boosting their militaries, redeploying troops and expanding training manoeuvres.

Below is a sampling of what Moscow and NATO have in their arsenals. The United States is the largest member of the Western military alliance.


Number of troops in Russia: 770,000

Number of national army troops in Russia's NATO neighbours of Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia: 126,760

Number of troops NATO plans to station on a rotating basis in Poland and the Baltics: up to 4,000

Number of troops Moscow plans to deploy to its western borders, citing an "unstable" situation there: 10,000

Number of troops Russia says it has sent to Ukraine: 0


Number of US tanks: 8,800

Number of Russian battle tanks: 2,870

Number of battle tanks in Latvia: 3

Russian active-duty armoured vehicles: 10,720

US armoured vehicles: 41,000

Russian Air Force aircraft: 3,550

US aircraft: 13,000

Russia's submarines: 72

US naval submarines: 75

Proportion of old or Soviet-era equipment that Russia will modernize or replace by 2020: 70 per cent


Russian 2015 military spending, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute: 66.4 billion dollars

NATO member states' 2015 military spending: 892 billion dollars

Percentage of 2015 military spending shouldered by the US: 73.6 per cent

Proportion of a NATO member's GDP that should be allocated to defence spending, according to alliance guidelines: 2 per cent

Number of NATO's 28 members that met the 2-per-cent guideline in 2015: 5

Last update: Mon, 04/07/2016 - 16:47

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