New Zealand court: Mega must reveal user details to Kazakh government

Cloud storage company Mega is to supply sensitive IP addresses and email contact details to the Kazakhstan government as early as next week, Radio New Zealand reported Wednesday.

Mega said it would hand over the details after failing in an appeal to the Auckland High Court to limit the amount of information it was being forced to reveal.

The information will be supplied to a court in New York, where a civil action against those involved in a damaging leak of government papers is being pursued by the Kazakhstan government.

The Auckland High Court ruled Tuesday night that the information held by Mega was crucial to identifying those involved in the suspected hack of government computers.

Mega chairmman Stephen Hall told Radio New Zealand that the company was supplying the data under protest, fearing that those involved could face reprisals from the government.

"With the record of the Kazakhstan government - they have recently arrested and jailed journalists, opposition leaders, demonstrators - our concern is that people could end up being jailed or worse, merely by association with this material."

Kazakhstan discovered the leak after opposition political party Respublika posted some of the documents on its Facebook page.

Mega was founded by Kim Dotcom, after his former site Megaupload was shut down by US authorities, but he is no longer involved with the company.

Last update: Wed, 17/08/2016 - 01:49

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