New campaign manager: Trump "doesn't hurl personal insults"

Donald Trump's new campaign manager defended the Republican candidate Sunday, pointing to his recent apology to those he may have offended and claiming he "doesn't hurl personal insults."

Kellyanne Conway, an experienced Republican pollster who was promoted by the campaign last week, told ABC News that the past week has been Trump's "best week" so far as he focused on plans to defeat Islamic State and tackle crime.

Trump on Thursday expressed regret about some of his incendiary statements, but did not specify what remarks or incidents he was apologizing for.

"He has said that he wants to regret anytime he's caused somebody personal pain by saying something that he didn't intend to cause personal pain," Conway said, when asked to specify which events Trump was apologizing for.

However she said he had not called anyone specifically to apologize to them directly.

Conway had worked for Trump's Republican rival Ted Cruz during the primary elections and at that time expressed concern about his tone as well as his decision not to release his tax returns.

She said she remains uncomfortable with personal insults, but claimed Trump does not use the tactic and also said he should not be required to release his tax returns in the face of an ongoing tax audit.

Last update: Sun, 21/08/2016 - 22:25

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