At least 25 injured in Nepal aftershock

At least 25 people were injured when a 5.5-magnitude earthquake struck parts of Nepal late Friday, nine months after a major earthquake, police said.

Police said some people were injured when they jumped out of windows as the quake hit. A man who jumped from the third floor of his house was in serious condition.

The injured had been taken to nearby hospitals.

The aftershock that struck at 10:05 pm local time (1620 GMT), as people went to sleep, threw many out of their homes in the freezing temperatures.

In April and May 2015 two major earthquakes struck Nepal, killing at least 8,800 and injuring hundreds. Thousands of people in Nepal continue to live in temporary shelters after they lost their homes to the earthquakes.

Nepal has been hit by over 420 aftershocks since.

Last update: Fri, 05/02/2016 - 20:18


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