Clintons earned 10 million dollars in 2015, paid 43 per cent in taxes

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, earned more than 10 million dollars last year and paid taxes of about 43 per cent on their income, according to her campaign.

More than half of the income came from speaking fees that Bill Clinton earned during the year, but a substantial portion came from Hillary Clinton's book deal.

The couple's 2015 tax documents for 2015, which the campaign released Friday, showed that the Clintons donated 9.8 per cent of their income to charity.

Their income from all sources was 10.6 million dollars, down from 28 million dollars in 2014. The Clintons paid 3.6 million dollars in US federal tax in 2015. They paid additional New York state income tax and local taxes, bringing the proportion they paid in taxes to 43 per cent.

Hillary Clinton earned about 1.4 million dollars from speaking and 3 million dollars from her book deal. Her husband earned 5.2 million dollars in speaking fees and 1.6 million dollars in consulting fees.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have made their tax returns public since 1977, according to a news release issued with copies of the tax data.

Clinton has called for election opponent Donald Trump release his tax returns. The Republican nominee has said an audit by US tax authorities prevents him from releasing them now, but the New York billionaire has said he would release them when the audit is complete.

US candidates for president are not required to release their tax returns, but nominees have done so for more than 40 years in a tradition of transparency.

The Clinton campaign released the tax returns of her vice presidential running mate, Tim Caine, showing that he and his wife earned 313,000 dollars and paid 71,800 dollars in federal taxes.

Trump on Friday tried to back-pedal on his assertion that President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were "the founders" of Islamic State.

Trump made the accusations in a speech Wednesday night and reaffirmed them in several interviews Thursday. But on Friday he attempted to reverse his position on Twitter, saying it had been "sarcasm."

Last update: Fri, 12/08/2016 - 21:28

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