Slovenia won't extend capacities for refugees, says official

Slovenia does not intend to expand existing capacities to accommodate refugees and will not accept refugees for extended periods of times, state secretary for migration in the interior ministry, Bostjan Sefic said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a press conference in Ljubljana, Sefic said that Slovenia had the capacity to accommodate 9,000 migrants and refugees at one time, however, it did not intend to increase its capacities or to look for new premises where migrants could spend extended period of time.

Speculation has arisen the government intends to organise permanent refugees centres in the towns of Kidricevo, Kranj and Brezice , which Sefic denied saying that these would not be permanent refugee centres and that possible sites had not been determined yet.

Recently protest rallies were held in several towns opposing the alleged organisation of new reception centres.

Sefic said that countries along the so-called Balkan refugee route would soon introduce a unified migrant identification form which should facilitate the position of all police forces on the migrant route. He denied speculation in the media that Slovenia had recorded some refugees who represent a security risk to Europe.

It is true that we confiscated some cold weapons and literature but these were not dangerous cases, Sefic said, stressing that the refugee situation in Slovenia was stable and without incidents.

According to his assessment cooperation between Slovenia and Austria regarding the migrant crisis was good and Ljubljana expects Austria to continue to inform it in a timely fashion on time of all measures being undertaken on the border between the two countries. 

With regard to the idea that migrants would be boarded on trains in Macedonia and be waved through directly to the Slovenian-Austrian border, Sefic said that the idea had been discussed at a meeting between police directors last week in Skoplje.

"However, that idea was rejected by Austria, Slovenia and other countries," Sefic said. "That would be absolutely unacceptable for us," he added.

Last update: Wed, 10/02/2016 - 22:17


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