Slovene PM reassures MPs wire fence on border temporary

Prime Minister Miro Cerar said in Slovenian parliament on Monday that the wire fence being put along the border with Croatia was intended to prevent possible future uncontrolled inflows of refugees from Croatia via the green frontier into Slovenia, and underlined that this was only a temporary measure.

Addressing lawmakers in Ljubljana, Cerar ruled out any tailoring of a mini-Schengen area that would exclude Slovenia, adding that such speculation about a re-designed Schengen zone including Germany and countries in its vicinity were groundless.

Since the refugee crisis spilled over into Slovenia in mid-October, over 310,000 migrants have passed through that country.

Cerar declined to answer a question from the Opposition party -- the United Left (ZL) - about how much Slovenia had spent to put up the razor wire along 110 kilometres of the 671-kilometre-long border with its eastern neighbour. All he said was that this was a temporary measure that should not aggravate bilateral relations.

According to speculations in Slovenian media, Ljubljana plans to put the fence up along 550 kilometres of the border with Croatia.

The barbed wire that has encroached on Croatia's territory at some sites has prompted Croatia's foreign ministry to forward several protest notes to the Slovenian authorities so far.

On Monday, a local official in Rijeka County, Erik Fabijanic, told a news conference that the wired fence resembled WW2 concentration camps and accused Slovenia's authorities of hypocrisy when it came to human rights' protection.

Last update: Mon, 14/12/2015 - 16:51


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