Police strike in Slovenia won't cause congestion at border says police chief

Traffic at Slovenian border crossings with Croatia will flow undisturbed and without delays, Slovenia's chief-of-police Marijan Fank said after a meeting with police unions who have been striking since Sunday and have announced stepping up their 'work-to-rule' strike and thoroughly checking all vehicles and documents entering and leaving the country, after talks to negotiate a pay rise fell through.

"Traffic will proceed normally over the next few days," Fank said, adding that he had spoken very openly with the union and lay down the limits to how far the police could go with strike activities.

"Those rules are defined by our law and Schengen rules and the level of control can only be determined by those authorised and police management and not the strike committee," Fank said, warning that anyone who did not adhere to that would be penalised.

The police unions claims that the government's negotiators had not been in contact with them for more than two weeks and have announced stepping up long term checks at the border as of Sunday, which could lead to congestion at border crossings to Croatia.

Last update: Fri, 08/01/2016 - 17:49

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