Pegida teams up with Islamophobic, anti-foreigner groups in Europe

Germany's Islamophobic and anti-foreigner movement Pegida on Saturday met with representatives of like-minded groups from 14 European countries in the Czech city of Roztoky to plan Europe-wide demonstrations for February 6.

Pegida gained momentum in Germany in late 2014 as the dimensions of an ongoing influx of refugees into the country were becoming clear. The numbers of people attending its rallies have dwindled in recent months.

In an effort to gain EU-wide support, Pegida leader Tatjana Festerling said Saturday that the German government was demonstrating to other European Union countries what could go wrong when a country opens its doors to migrants.

"Merkel is growing a massive surplus of men in Germany," Festerling said, referring to the fact that most of the 1.1 million migrants that entered Germany in 2015 were male.

The meeting was hosted by Czech rightist party Usvit and Martin Konvicka, a university lecturer who heads the far-right group Bloc Against Islam, in Roztoky, a city near the capital Prague.

"Our basic message will be: Europeans won't give up Europe," Konvicka said in reference to the protests the right-wing groups are planning to hold in Warsaw, Prague, Dresden and other cities.

He accused political elites of "suicidal and stupid politics."

Last update: Sat, 23/01/2016 - 18:37

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