One of Brussels arrests may have been second person in metro attack

One of five people arrested by Belgian authorities on Friday may have been present at the suicide bomb attack in the Brussels underground station of Maelbeek last month, prosecutors say.

The man, identified as Osama K, was seen in the company of the Khalid El Bakraoui a while before he blew himself up in the metro, and was also filmed buying the bags used in attacks that same day on the Brussels airport, says prosecution spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt.

"The investigators are now verifying whether Osama K can be positively identified as being the second person present at the time of the attack in the Maelbeek subway station," Van Der Sypt says.

Media had previously reported about a second underground attacker, but officials had not confirmed that.

Last update: Fri, 08/04/2016 - 22:55

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