New Mein Kampf edition sells out, publisher rushing to print more

The publisher of the critically commented edition of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf (My Struggle) reported Thursday that it has to reprint further editions of the volume after the original print run sold out almost immediately.

"The edition is available like every other book, but with a certain waiting period attached due to special circumstances," said a spokeswoman for the Institute for Contemporary History (IfZ) in Munich.

The institute is publishing the two-volume work at its own publishing house, and for cost reasons is publishing volumes only as needed.

But it became clear even before the initial sales date of January 8 that the planned print run of 4,000 copies would not be enough.

Institute director Andreas Wirsching spoke of 15,000 pre-orders of the infamous work. Containing the founding doctrine of Hitler's Nazi Germany, the book also contains commentary written by a team led by historian Christian Hartmann.

The book can be ordered at any German bookseller or online. Copies were available Wednesday on Amazon's German website for 375 euros (410 dollars) - well over the normal publisher's price of 59 euros.

When contacted on the issue, a spokesman for Amazon stated that "as soon as we learn that third-party dealers are offering the title on Marketplace in breach of [Germany's] fixed book-pricing agreement, the offer will be removed."

And Amazon will not profit from the book, with all proceeds from its sale going to an organization that looks after the interests of the victims of the Nazi regime.

This has not stopped the new edition of Mein Kampf from ending up on the online auctioneer Ebay.

One seller saw his copy of the book bid up from 1 euro on Sunday to 276 euros by Wednesday afternoon.

The IfZ for its part said that buyers were being robbed at these prices. With just a bit of patience, one could get the book from an ordinary bookseller at list price.

Last update: Thu, 14/01/2016 - 14:55

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