Merkel: I am also chancellor for Turks in Germany

Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned Turks living in Germany against importing the political tensions that have gripped Turkey following last month's failed military coup, and called on them to show loyalty.  

"I am also their chancellor," Merkel told German state broadcaster ARD on Sunday.

Merkel went on to say that the "conflicts in Turkey cannot be carried over into Germany," with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan having launched a crackdown of critics of his government.

"There are things that we talk about and things that we criticize," Merkel said, referring to relations between Berlin and Ankara since the attempted putsch.

The chancellor also renewed her call for the Europe Union to share the burden of the refugee crisis through a quota system, despite stiff opposition from Central European nations against increasing their intake of migrants.

"What doesn't work is that some nations say we do not want in general to have Muslims in our country," she said.

Whether it's necessary on humanitarian grounds or not, "we have all decided together and every state has to make a contribution," she said. 

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