Lenin’s head statue to get prominent spot in Berlin museum

A giant, 3.5-ton head that once topped a Berlin statue of communist luminary Vladimir Lenin will be one of the highlights of a museum department about politicized monuments set to open in the German capital at the end of April.

Tourists visiting Berlin often wonder where all the imperial, Nazi and communist monuments from the city's chequered history went. Some of the bombastic statues were scrapped, but many went into storage.

"We’ll show about 100 original monuments or parts of them. The way they’ve been treated says a lot about German history," says Andrea Theissen, head of the Spandau Citadel museum in Berlin in an interview with dpa.

One of the highlights of the new long-term show at the Citadel - Enthuellt: Berlin und seine Denkmaeler (Unveiled: Berlin and its Memorials) - will be the granite head of Lenin, which used to be an unmistakeable feature of communist East Berlin.

The head was part of a giant East German-era monument that was toppled after the fall of communism, smashed into more than 100 pieces and buried in the city’s south. The head was exhumed in a massive undertaking in September and brought to the Citadel.

"Lenin has been cleaned up and is in good shape. Just like everything else in the exhibition, visitors will be allowed to touch him," said Theissen. Other items at the show include militaristic statues glorifying the kaisers.

Last update: Mon, 18/01/2016 - 09:35

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