Knife-and-axe attacker had been registered on arrival in Germany

The knife-and-axe attacker who injured four train passengers and a passer-by in Germany this week had been registered by the police on his arrival in the country as a refugee, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said Friday.

Police had taken the 17-year-old's details on June 29 after he crossed the border from Austria with a migrant group. He was detained and reported by the police in Passau for entering the country illegally without a passport.

His fingerprints were taken and entered alongside his personal details into a national database, according to the spokesman. However, the computer had not found any matches. "He was new to the police databases, so to speak. There were no previous entries [on him]," he added.

The young attacker was shot dead by police as he fled from the scene near Wuerzburg after injuring four tourists from Hong Kong on a train and a passer-by.

It was not immediately clear if the attacker hailed from Afghanistan or Pakistan and if he was acting alone. The police inquiry continues.

Only one of the attack victims meanwhile remained in critical condition in an induced coma on Friday, while the others were on the mend, according to Georg Ertl of the Wuerzburg university hospital.

YouTube so far has failed to remove from its platform a video message posted by the attacker, in which he claims allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist group, the German national criminal police said.

The authorities several days ago had asked for the video to be removed to prevent copy-cat attacks.

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Video links German train attacker to Islamic State

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