Germany launches four more jets in mission against Islamic State

Four additional German Tornado reconnaissance jets began their journey to Turkey on Tuesday to support units already there assisting in operations against Islamic State.

Aiding the international coalition as it seeks to destroy Islamic State is seen as one of most sensitive missions in the history of Germany's post-war military.

Two jets were launched at 0830 GMT from Jagel, in northern Germany, and two others were launched 30 minutes later from Buechel Air Base in the country's west.

The jets, each staffed by a pilot and a weapons system officer, were headed for NATO's Incirlik air base and, according to a spokeswoman in Jagel, will be refueled in mid-air.

The additions bring the total number of German Tornados in the region to six.

On Monday, more than 100 German air force members, including pilots, technicians, ground crew and reconnaissance specialists, were deployed from Hamburg to the Incirlik base to begin their mission in Syria.

The arrival of the 111-strong team increased Germany's contribution to the Islamic State mission to 194 men and women.

Last update: Sun, 21/08/2016 - 12:59

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