German politician sends refugee bus to Berlin in protest

A Bavarian politician has sent a bus containing 51 Syrian refugees to the chancellery of Angela Merkel in Berlin to protest her open-door migration policies that allowed 1.1 million people to enter the country last year.

Peter Dreier, associated with the Free Voters of Bavaria political group, has sent a bus full of Syrian refugees aged between 21 and 45 on the 550-kilometre journey from the rural south-eastern district of Landshut to the German capital.

"An end to the waves of refugees is not in sight, our capacity to provide dignified accommodation is reaching its limits fast, and I don't see new apartments for the migrants being built," he said in a statement.

Dreier, who is also aboard the bus that is set to arrive in Berlin later on Thursday, added that the Syrians involved in the stunt had been informed of his political message and had given consent.

The news comes after Dreier threatened the move during a phone conversation with Merkel last October, during which he reportedly told the chancellor "we can't manage this" in reference to her pro-refugee mantra "we can manage this."

Merkel's migration policies have prompted an unprecedented rebellion in the ranks of her coalition, with politicians from her Bavarian sister party arguing for a cap on the number of refugees entering the country in 2016.

Last update: Thu, 14/01/2016 - 15:16

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