EU-US trade deal talks have failed, German economy minister says

EU talks with the United States over the planned free trade agreement known as TTIP have failed, Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said in an interview with German public broadcaster ZDF on Sunday.

"The negotiations with the US have effectively failed because we must not capitulate to the American demands as Europeans," said Gabriel, who also serves as Germany's vice chancellor and heads the country's Social Democrats.

"Nothing is moving on the issue," he added.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US would create the world's largest free trade area with around 800 million people but has been plagued by criticism on both sides of the Atlantic.

TTIP negotiations have been ongoing for three years, with both sides aiming to reach a rough agreement before President Barack Obama leaves office at the end of 2016 and both France and Germany gear up for elections in 2017.

Brussels has also negotiated a separate trade deal with Canada which officials hope to sign in October, following approval from both sides. National parliaments across the EU will be able to vet the deal, known by the acronym CETA, in a move that could delay its implementation.

Gabriel defended the planned trade agreement between the EU and Canada, but complained that discussions had been difficult because CETA and TTIP had sometimes been lumped together.

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