Five injured in migrant home fire in southern Germany

Five people have been taken to hospital with complications resulting from smoke inhalation after a migrant home was deliberately set on fire in southern Germany on Saturday.

Authorities in the city of Erbach are investigating the exact motivation for the fire and looking for potential suspects, a police spokesman said.

The fire at the housing unit, which provides shelter to 26 migrants and homeless people, started after paper, cardboard and clothes were set alight.

The number of arson attacks on asylum seekers' homes across the country has risen steadily over the past 18 months after Chancellor Angela Merkel's promise of sanctuary brought around 1.1 million migrants to Germany in 2015.

While some arson attacks have been committed by right-wing groups, other fires have been started at the migrant accommodations as an act of frustration and protest by the migrants living there.

Erbach Mayor Achim Gaus said there haven't been any large protests against migrants or other negative sentiment in the city.

Last update: Sat, 17/09/2016 - 12:06


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